Paving the way to a new construction industry

For the construction industry to become more efficient, we must challenge industry standards and create new benchmarks - innovation is central to the future of construction.

Ranked first among the biggest 25 UK residential developers

By Paul King

Lendlease was awarded top position because NextGeneration concluded that we “firmly embed sustainability wherever we have a presence”, and we scored particularly highly in the ‘community and customer engagement’ category.

Waterbank achieves world-leading community standard

The AUD$1 billion project will transform Western Australia's six-hectare waterfront location. Bringing together residents, workers and visitors alike, the precinct will feature alfresco dining with water views and active river-based recreation and community activities.

building a greener future

Melbourne Quarter will be home to over 40 storeys of planter boxes and vertical green trellis, designed to run along the northern and eastern facades of the first residential building, East Tower. A number of benches, landscaped rooms, shelters and moveable furniture will be available at Skypark.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Lendlease teams up with organisations around the world including BeyondBlue, Mates in Construction, Bupa, and Uprise to learn more about what we can do to make our workplaces around the world mentally healthy for our employees.

workplace of the future

Lendlease employees from five different locations across Sydney have relocated to International Towers Sydney, Tower Three. The new office offers a new experience for our employees: an agile workplace, centered on team-based working, promoting movement and health - a workplace for the future.


"We want to change the way people see old age, and that means learning to live differently." - Therese Clerc. Lendlease villages across Australia harvest a strong community spirit and holistic attitude to health and wellbeing. An industry-first platform that has a proactive and customised approach to health is in the works, and set to be rolled out Australia-wide, ensuring residents live their best lives possible.

As London expands, we can make the city's infrastructure greener than ever

Question marks surrounding the proposed Garden Bridge should not deter London from trying to be the most ecologically friendly city on the planet

Millennials are the key to construction’s skills shortage, we need to engage them

by Neil Martin

The construction industry is facing a labour crisis and needs to fill 182,000 jobs by 2018. How can we attract young people to the sector?

It's cheap and speedy to erect - could timber help solve the housing crisis?

Cross-laminated timber has been slow to catch on in the UK but has many benefits such as being light, stable and strong, with a carbon footprint half that of concrete

Smart urban regeneration projects put people and partnerships first

By Dan Labbad

If urban renewal is to succeed today, we need cohesive spaces that enhance quality of life

The changing face and purpose of cities

By Dan Labbad

The migration of people into cities around the world represents one of the greatest demographic shifts in human history