Sarah Aley

"It allows me to focus a little bit more on my cricket, and give myself more opportunities at being able to play cricket at the highest level for as long as I possibly can."

Ashleigh Gardner

"I’ve always had love and passion for sport..."

Lauren Smith

"Getting five wickets on my debut for the Lendlease Breakers."

Rachael Haynes

"I’ve been able to travel the world, represent my country and play alongside some great athletes and friends."

Alyssa Healy

"I didn't even know that girls played cricket at the time. I thought I was different; I thought I was unique."


"Proving to myself that I can play the game I love for the state I love..."

Nicola Carey

"Love getting to see my friends nearly everyday."

Stefanie Daffara

"Knowing that I am part of a team with a proud history, and one that I have wanted to be a part of since I was a kid."

Belinda Vakarewa

Alex Blackwell

Lauren Cheatle

Rene Farrell

“Today we stand proudly alongside Cricket NSW at the forefront of this change as we expand our sponsorship to professionalise the Lendlease Breakers and lead a necessary journey towards gender equity in sport in Australia,” Chris Lamb, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Lendlease said. 

The sponsorship deal means that every player on the NSW Breakers team will earn at least Australia’s national minimum wage of $35,000, with the leading international players making $100,000 more.

“For seven years we have supported the Lendlease Breakers and have watched closely as the quality of the game has improved, yet provisions for players have not.

“At Lendlease we are committed to a level playing field giving women and men the same chance to succeed as we know this hasn’t always been the case for women in our industry and society. It’s time for the sporting industry to do the same,” Mr Lamb said.


Cricket NSW CEO, Andrew Jones

"This is truly a landmark moment. Cricket NSW has always been a leader in women's sport and today we are proud to announce another first."

The team have four players in the Australian Women's Cricket Team, the Southern Stars: Alex Blackwell, Alyssa Healy, Ellyse Perry and Rene Farrell, and three selected in the Southern Stars squad: Naomi Stalenberg, Nicola Casey and Lauren Cheatle.

The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP, Minister for Sport said, "In a country that idolises its sporting heroes, it’s fantastic to see our talented female athletes are receiving the recognition they deserve with the professionalisation of the Lendlease Breakers."