Around one third of blood donations help people with cancer and the rest go towards treating serious medical issues ranging from pregnancy complications to immune conditions and heart disease.

In 2016, the first year being part of Red25, 590 Lendlease blood donors helped save the lives of close to 1,770 patients. This was a 30 per cent increase in donations than those given in 2015. 

This year Lendlease wants to increase the number of donations to 650, saving the lives of 1,950 patients.

For Lendlease, Red25 is a chance to stand out by making a donation more powerful than money. For the individual, it’s an opportunity to feel amazing for saving lives through a simple act that’s free, fulfilling and doesn’t even take an hour.

If you are already a blood donor, but not a member of Red25, you can join here or in the centre when you next donate.

If you have never given blood before, find out if you can donate, how it works and who it helps at

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