Lendlease Sub-Regional Retail Fund

Established in 2015, Lendlease Sub-Regional Retail (LLSRF) is an open-ended unlisted wholesale property fund that invests in sub-regional shopping centre assets.

The Fund seeks to maximise returns to investors through the long-term ownership, development and repositioning of quality, diversified, sustainable and predominantly core sub-regional real estate assets.

The Fund currently owns five retail shopping centres in New South Wales and Western Australia. LLSRF leverages  Lendlease’s integrated end-to-end business model, providing asset management, development, construction and project management expertise. 

Responsible Property Investment

LLSRF has a vision to deliver effective people focussed and resource efficient sustainability solutions across the portfolio. It acknowledges the sustainability aspirations of the broader Lendlease Group and is aligned with Lendlease’s key sustainability objectives.

The Fund has had a Responsible Property Investment strategy in place since 2010.
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
LLSRF (formerly Lendlease Real Estate Partners 3) has participated in the GRESB survey since 2011*. In 2015, the Fund was recognised as the second ranked retail fund across 11 retail specific participating funds.

   2011*  2014 2015 Change
GRESB Scores        
Overall score  29% 75% 82% +7%
Management & Policy  64% 92% 98% +6%
Implementation & Measurement  12% 68% 75% +7%
GRESB Rankings  

All GRESB participants  163 of 339 43 of 637 50 of 707 -7 places
Global, retail  42 of 67 - 15 of 123 -
Oceania, retail   5 of 13 2 of 13 +3 places
 *Participated as Lendlease Real Estate Partners 3