• Creating places that are accessible and welcoming to all people.
  • Ensure that local heritage and cultures are respected and embraced.
  • Develop, implement and report on our Indigenous/Cultural Participation Plans with focus on relationships, respect, opportunities and governance.
  • Create, implement and report on housing initiatives that support availability, affordability and appropriate design.
  • Create work environments which respects Diversity in workplace.


  1. Measure key diversity groups across Lendlease all operations
  2. Publicly report on progress against Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).


Our baseline year of performance is 2014. Future updates on our progress will be provided as data and information becomes available.

Diversity at Lendlease

At Lendlease, diversity and inclusion is defined as ‘all the ways in which we differ’. Diversity of experience, diversity of thought and a collaborative environment leads to innovation. To be the leading international property and infrastructure group and achieve our vision to create the best places, we need a culture and an environment that embraces and respects difference, and where we attract, retain and enable the most talented people to perform.

The Lendlease Board of Directors reports on Lendlease’s gender diversity performance in accordance with the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. Lendlease has measurable objectives for gender diversity, shown below:

Two out of nine Board Directors are women;

At a senior management level, three direct reports to the Group CEO and Managing Director are female; and

For the year ended 30 June 2016, 31 per cent of our employees are women and 19 per cent of senior executive positions are held by women.

The Group’s most recent ‘Gender Equality Indicators’ as defined in and published under the Workforce Gender Equality Act can be viewed at

The Board assesses on at least an annual basis, the measurable objectives and the progress in achieving them. To encourage greater representation of women at senior levels, Lendlease continues to develop initiatives targeting an improvement in gender diversity, including refinement in recruitment processes, expansion in career and leadership development and mentoring.