• Safety is our first priority on all our operations and in their surrounding communities.
  • Implement Health & Wellbeing Framework focusing on healthier minds, bodies, places and cultures.


  • 100% of wellbeing activities will be recorded in accordance with Lendlease's Health  and Wellbeing Framework.
  • We will report on Lendlease's Global Health Assessment.
  • We will achieve zero fatalities across all Lendlease operations.
  • Establish workplace GMRs (Pantry, workspace, H&W rooms, lighting schedule in H&W activities etc.) 


In FY15, We developed a Health & Wellbeing Framework which is centered on four key pillars.


FY07-FY15: Fatalities and
LTIFR Trending

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FY07-FY15: Fatalities
Trending by Region
and Frequency Rate

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