• Only invest in projects and partnerships that are consistent with our Core Vales, Code of Conduct and our Sustainability Aspirations.
  • Integrate triple bottom line approach into all core business process.
  • Publicly report integrated financial and non-financial information.


  1. Lendlease will publish an integrated report by FY17.
  2. All Lendlease investments will consider social, environmental, economic and governance outcomes.
  3. Undertake as-built and/or fit-out Green Building ratings on all new developments and Lendlease Head Office and Regional Office tenancies (>1,000m2):
    • Top 2 available levels for all development projects; and 
    • The highest rating for all Lendlease tenancy fit outs.
  4.  Rate and improve performance of all existing assets and portfolios using Green Building standards or other environmental rating tools 


Our baseline year of performance is 2014. Future updates on our progress will be provided as data and information becomes available.