Community Day is just one day of the year that Lendlease employees give back to their community. Community 365 gives our employees the opportunity to help people of their choosing, when they want and using the skills they're good at, all year round.

Born to tap into the passion and strengths of our diverse workforce around the world, this is our hands-on approach to enhance leadership, decision-making and problem solving skills.

Group Head of Sustainability at Lendlease, Geoff Dutaillis said Community Day offers employees a chance to apply their skills where they are most needed.

“Since Community Day started in 1996, we’ve supported the community in a number of ways, ranging from aiding disaster recovery efforts, renovating buildings for those struggling with homelessness or domestic violence, restoring important green spaces and assisting children with special needs.”

For more information about this year's Community Day, you can view our media release.



last year's community day 

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