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The world's tallest timber apartment building


Lend Lease's Timber Solutions business is an established in-house team of experts providing engineered timber solutions.

Engineered timber is a pre-fabricated building system delivering safety, sustainability and commercial benefits over conventional delivery methods. It is another great example of how Lend Lease leverages its internal delivery model to be at the forefront of the industry.

In 2012 Lend Lease completed Forté at Victoria Harbour, which is Australia’s first, and also the world's tallest timber apartment building. In addition, Lend Lease completed Australia's first public Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building, Library at the Dock in Melbourne in March 2014. 


Forté is Australia’s first timber high rise apartment building, and the tallest in the world. A showpiece for natural and new, it is where modern architecture meets a natural building material, called Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), which will unlock a new era in the future of sustainable development and healthier living.

The first 5 Star Green-Star As Built certified on market residential building in Australia, Forté towers over 10 storeys offering 23 residential apartments with ground floor retail. The tower is designed and constructed by Lend Lease and reflects the contemporary inner-city lifestyle of Victoria Harbour while combining environmental initiatives, such as LED lighting and smart metering. For more information on Forte’ please visit the Forté page. 

Library at the Dock

The Library at the Dock is the centrepiece of Victoria Harbour’s new civic heart and houses a next generation library, it attracts millions of visitors annually. The project was brought to fruition via a tripartite agreement between Lend Lease, Places Victoria and City of Melbourne. The major structural components of the three-storey library are made from a combination of cross laminated timber (CLT) and glulam. The centre opened in late May 2014. It was designed by Clare Design and Hayball architects, an award-winning architectural team. For more information on the library, visit Library at the Dock.

Modular Sales Suites

Cross Laminated Timber

Lend Lease recently constructed and delivered several modular Cross Laminated Timber buildings to Lend Lease's Communities projects around Australia.

Engineered timber buildings show great promise for offsite fabrication and modular applications and these recent projects confirmed the potential. The buildings were designed and engineered in house with our Timber Solutions team.

Where the technology shows superior performance to the many existing relocatable building options is in the solid, high quality nature of the finished product. The outcome is a building that appears permanent and substantial and yet can be safely and cost effectively moved and redeployed as necessary.

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