The Changing Face and Purpose of Cities

6 Jul 2016

The migration of people into cities around the world represents one of the greatest demographic shifts in human history

Dan Labbad

Chief Executive Officer Europe

This forceful dynamic, coupled with cities competitively pursuing economic growth by seeking to attract talent and capital has resulted in complex and unprecedented socioeconomic and environmental challenges for policymakers, governments, business and citizens alike. 

Along with economic development and prosperity for some, issues like social and geographical inequity, sustainability, health, safety and security play into a city’s 21st century melting pot. In a world simultaneously more connected, fast paced and volatile than ever, cities harness the potential to either make or break. This is the paradox of our time. The foundation and potential for progress and advancement in quality of life, is as real as the risk of divisiveness, inequality and environmental decay.
Lendlease is committed to responsible urban regeneration, delivering projects that are sensitive to the challenges and opportunities that cities face. This means ensuring the schemes we create deliver long-¬≠term economic, social and environmental benefits to cities and their people. 

Currently, we have 12 large­scale regeneration projects around the world in cities including, London, Sydney, Chicago, Melbourne, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Each of our projects are delivered in partnership and seek to be inclusive and sustainable, embracing local opportunities while drawing from best practice from our experience around the world.

This is a large responsibility. Success will ultimately be determined by how well we bring together the respective strengths of the public and private sectors, under a shared vision with our government partners and between all stakeholders. 

Working together on scale urban schemes provides the an opportunity to remove the paradox and create places that serve cities so they can realise their full potential.