Essay Launch: Creating Quality Places For People

10 Mar 2017

London’s population is growing fast and though increasing the number of homes is critical, placemaking matters too. Successful, inclusive and sustainable communities will pay dividends down the centuries.

Creating vibrant and successful places is a complex and challenging process but one which really needs addressing and so, Lendlease decided to sponsor Centre For London - independent think tank - create a collection of essays titled Making Good: Shaping Places for People.

The essays - written by a selection of planners, academics, developers and practitioners - highlight some of the complexities and challenges of creating new spaces within London and identify a number of ways to tackle these challenges, and highlight new opportunities to ensure quality places across the city.

Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, said: “This book is a valuable reminder that making great places takes time and involves a thoughtful approach to working with what’s already there, as much as planning ahead for what will come next.”

Dan Labbad commented: “Business, government and communities need to work collectively to create places that will stand the test of time. We are therefore pleased to have partnered with the Centre for London to challenge the concept of placemaking and reconsider how we create new environments that best meet the current and future demands of the people they serve.”