Retail Evolution – the Next Generation Macarthur Square

24 May 2017

“Our customers want to feel at home in our centres. They want more relaxed food options, an element of nostalgia, along with a connection to their local community”

Since 1979 Macarthur Square has united generations of residents in Sydney’s south-west. It brings the best of the world to the Macarthur region and offers the community a place they can grow and feel connected to. 

Rich in Lendlease history, the Macarthur region has a history spanning over 60 years. Lendlease founder Dick Dusseldorp had a vision for the Macarthur region, realising its potential as a satellite (urban) city back in the 1960’s; a city with infrastructure and jobs for the local community, with Macarthur Square as the hub of the city. 

Being the focal point of this satellite city, Macarthur Square was destined to be more than just a place to shop. Dusseldorp’s vision was for a shopping and entertainment complex that the community could be proud of and a meeting place that the region could call their own. 

Since Macarthur Square first opened its doors to the public in 1979, the Centre has continued to grow with the community. Since its opening, the Centre has been extended four times taking the Centre today to approximately 100,000sqm with over 300 stores.

Sydney’s south-west is now one of the fastest growing regions in New South Wales, and as more high income families go in search of a more balanced lifestyle, we’re welcoming the next generation of shoppers. 

While times are changing, our customer needs and wants are constantly evolving. It is more important than ever that we listen to our customers and exceed their expectations.

Macarthur Square Centre Manager, Pedro Araujo, said, “Before the Macarthur Square redevelopment, our customers told us they wanted ‘the best of the city’ with ‘the best of the country’. In other words, they wanted to visit a world-class shopping centre in their area with ‘all the comforts of home’.” 

The Next Generation Macarthur Square is the largest shopping centre in south-west Sydney; home to international retailer H&M, the new market concept stores David Jones, Converse and General Pants; over 100 fashion stores; and a fresh food market hall anchored by a new look Coles supermarket. 

Customers wanted “Modern Country”, they were after a top retail destination, but they wanted the Centre to reflect the region they were living in. Extensive customer research provided key customer insights; they were unpretentious and down to earth; they wanted more on-trend aspirational retailers as opposed to high end, they value the division between ‘City’ and ‘Country’ but appreciate aspects of both, and they have a sense of pride and love for living in the region. 

Our goal was to also redevelop the shopping centre and deliver something that was sustainable for our customers now and into the future, which we achieved by obtaining a 4 Star Green Star sustainability rating for the overall development. 

The Next Generation Macarthur Square captures the customer need now and inspires a future generation of customers for years to come.