Lendlease employees rise up with Uprise

5 Jun 2017

At Lendlease, we are committed to taking care of the people that keep our company thriving. Our goal is to create a workplace that supports people to seek happy, healthy and productive lives.

At the LearnX Impact Awards 2017, we were announced the Platinum winner for Best Wellbeing Project and Best Wellbeing Team, which is a testament to our efforts in supporting and improving the health and wellbeing of our employees.

“We have a variety of programs to support employees’ mental and physical health - including our award-winning Uprise program,” said Jane Gardner, Lendlease Global Health & Wellbeing Manager. “The program began when Uprise CEO, clinical psychologist Dr Jay Spence, approached Lendlease to present his four-week online and telephone coaching program.

“We were looking for innovative and measurable ways to support employee wellbeing, so we worked with Uprise to tailor a program for Lendlease employees that would give individuals the tools and support they need to improve stress management and reduce burnout,” said Jane.

The program itself is delivered by Uprise as a series of four online modules offered via an app on stress management, mindfulness, retraining thinking and work life balance. Each week there is a follow up phone call from a qualified personal coach.

Jane said the flexibility and privacy of the program were two of its biggest advantages: “The online content supported by the follow up phone coaching session allows people to choose a time that suits their schedule”.

The program also relies heavily on word of mouth to encourage participation: “Since we piloted the program in 2016, we have had great success in a relatively short time with over 300 people across the business having completed the program.”
Uprise Program


“Creating a better future for people is at the heart of our vision ‘to create the best places’, and this includes actively caring for our people’s physical and mental health, as well as their safety,” said Jane Gardner, our Global Health & Wellbeing Manager.

Lendease’s Health & Wellbeing Framework combines awareness, prevention, health solutions, lifestyle management and a support structure to empower our employees to enhance their health and wellbeing.

The framework covers four key areas: Supporting Healthier Minds, Developing Healthier Bodies, Building Healthier Places and Creating Healthier Cultures.

Lendlease partners with organisations such as beyondblue, MATES in Construction and Bupa to ensure our employees are supported no matter who they are or where they work.

“Above all, the success of our Uprise program has shown Lendlease has the determination and ingenuity to deliver on a goal to support healthier minds and help our people achieve their best,” said Jane.