Leesman ranks Lendlease headquarters in top six per cent of high performing workplaces

7 Jun 2017

Organisations are searching for new and innovative ways to support their employees in becoming more productive, creative and inspired. Lendlease is one of these organisations.

Natalie Slessor

General Manager, Workplace & Change

We understand how crucial the design of our workplace is in improving our people’s satisfaction and productivity. 

It’s only now that we have been able to measure how effective our workplace design is thanks to the Leesman Index – the largest independent collection of workplace effectiveness data in the world, collecting information from over 260,000 employees in 67 countries, as at June 2017. 

Our international headquarters at Barangaroo has ranked in the top six per cent of workplaces surveyed globally for workplace design, functionality and effectiveness, according to Leesman. 

Leesman survey the people who use the workplace, and then compare the results against other workplaces in their global database.

Based on 467 Lendlease survey respondents, our Barangaroo workplace achieved an overall workplace effectiveness (Lmi*) score of 74.1, 13 points above the Leesman average of workplaces surveyed globally.

This score ranks us in the top six per cent, or one of only 44 companies, to achieve ‘Leesman+ accreditation’ (as at Q4 2016)  for exceptional performance in workplace design, delivery, management and operational effectiveness.

Some other highlights include:

  • More than 92% of our people feel pride in bringing visitors to our Barangaroo workplace, compared to the Leesman benchmark of just 50.9%. 
  • Over 73% of people feel the workplace enables them to work productively, exceeding the Leesman benchmark of 56.7%.
  • Over 94% of people said the design of the workplace was important to them and more than three-quarters of people surveyed said it contributes to a sense of community at work.
  • Over 88% of people believe the culture of Lendlease is supportive to working in a mobile/flexible way and the technology, tools and infrastructure enable this. 
  • Based on a pre-survey of the four offices prior to our move to Barangaroo, an Lmi score of 61.8 was obtained (compared to our post-survey Lmi score of 74.1) highlighting the success of our move to the new Barangaroo workplace. 

The Leesman Index data is also helping to inform our workplaces of the future so they best support our employees and their needs.

*Lmi model
The Leesman Lmi is calculated from two out of the five areas of analysis in the Leesman Index study: ‘Workplace Impact’, which looks at the overall impact the workplace is having on employee sense of productivity, pride, community etc., and the ‘Work Activities’ section which examines which activities are important in an employee’s role and how well each is supported. A ‘score’ is then reported on a 0-100 scale.