Technology brings buildings to life

17 Nov 2017

We believe that technology brings buildings and infrastructure to life. Smart devices, sensors, workplace digitisation and high-speed networks have redefined our expectations. We now demand more seamless and connected experiences across all aspects of our lives. By creating a smart and connected building we maximise the amenity, services, efficiency, information and flexibility, and set the foundation for future applications and possibilities.

Tony Brennan

Head of Digital, Australia & Head of Podium Property Insights

A Smart Building can be thought of as a living, breathing thing; connected, responsive, self-learning and ‘future ready’. Smart Buildings increase occupant comfort, safety and productivity at the same time as reducing energy consumption, waste and lifecycle operational costs. 

This continuing shift towards a more connected future is significantly disrupting the property, infrastructure, and construction industries. Some examples of this include:
  • The convergence and integration of building systems such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and lift systems onto a single common network and open data platform, which is no longer an aspiration but an expectation of the modern building
  • Interoperability allowing unlimited possibilities for data transfer between the diverse systems which operate a building and for enhancing the experience of the people who live, work, or visit
  • The transition of traditional building systems to Internet Protocol (IP) based networks which has led to an explosion of technology companies playing in the digital, smart buildings and Internet of Things sectors

Tenants and owners increasingly recognise the value of having digital technology stitched into the fabric of a building to create a high-performing asset.

For example, Lendlease Technology recently helped to deliver world-class, mission critical ICT infrastructure at the $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital. In particular, the facility used common digital infrastructure to combine clinical, building management and administration systems.

“This level of integration improves the patient experience, enhances clinical outcomes and allows for a more complete view of facility performance. Lendlease’s technology specialists designed and delivered an integrated communication network solutions suite, which enables the hospital to better target and achieve process efficiencies” (Program Manager for Clinical Solutions, Sunshine Coast University Hospital). 

Due to its success, Lendlease Technology and Aurecon were the recipients of the BICSI South Pacific 2017 Excellence Award for Professional ICT Design on the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. This Award seeks to recognise those that have utilised their superior knowledge and expertise in an outstanding way to provide significant benefits to their client, the ICT industry, or the community at large. 

A shift towards a more connected future has created the need for innovative thinking, new approaches, and capability to deliver the digital technology and experiences people now expect.

View the latest animation covering the foundations of a Smart Building produced by the Lendlease Technology team. Note: Animation requires sound.