Building for the Future

26 Sep 2018

#HomeGreenHome #WGBW2018

Eleni Reed

Head of Sustainability, Americas

According to the World Green Building Council, buildings account for more than 40 percent of the world energy consumption, or over one third of greenhouse gas emissions globally.  Across the country, Lendlease is delivering green homes and creating the best places for people to live, work and play to meet their needs today and in the future.   

When homes are built and operated to consume less energy and to have less impact on the environment, these can reduce residents’ utility bills.  When homes are built for the future, to protect against the threat of climate change, they can help keep a family safe.  When homes are built with environmentally friendly materials, they can provide healthier places to live.  When homes are built with better daylight levels and ventilation, they can have a positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing. 

This World Green Building Week 2018, we are highlighting how we create environmentally sustainable military communities, integrate climate resilience into waterfront development, and incorporate sustainable practices in construction.  Through innovative design, smart changes in the materials and technologies we use, the way we draw energy, the construction practices we implement, and the stewardship of assets under our management, we are contributing to the world’s transformation to a low carbon future.  

Creating Sustainable Military Communities  

In the 18 military communities we serve, comprising more than 40,000 homes, we are reducing  operating energy consumption and generating renewable energy from solar power.  Since FY2014, we have reduced carbon emissions across our military communities by 17%. 

Ground and rooftop solar arrays across our sites generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 4,700 homes for one year.  In fact, we are behind two of the largest solar-powered military communities in the US.   

Lendlease reduced the energy intensity of this portfolio by over one third since 2008 by implementing the following strategies:  

Greening existing homes: 26,000 legacy homes were retrofitted to improve energy performance and enhance resident comfort.  This included HVAC and lighting system upgrades, façade improvements, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star appliances.  

Building new green homes:  The 15,000 new green homes added to the portfolio were Energy Star certified.  Three zero-energy homes were also piloted.  Close to one third of these homes were designed with additional green features and achieved LEED certification.    

Engaging residents: We encourage residents to adopt energy saving measures that will reduce their utility bills.  At Fort Campbell in Kentucky, energy consumption decreased by 12 percent over a 12-month period after technology that provides residents with visibility into consumption patterns and suggests strategies to reduce was implemented. 
Revitalizing Through Climate Resilience  

In Boston, Lendlease is developing Clippership Wharf, a mixed-use development that is pioneering the integration of resiliency into waterfront development in the East Boston neighborhood. The project will combine a sense of place, public amenities and art to create a community where people can thrive. Some highlights of what this project will achieve: 
  • Future-proofing buildings: To address the specter of rising tides, the first residential levels of the buildings are raised above the surrounding roadways and are organized around a central plaza.  
  • Regenerating the natural environment: A living shoreline of new salt marsh terraces will not only create a diverse wetland community but will act as a natural filter for runoff, provide wave dissipation, and accommodate many decades of potential sea level rise.  It is the only site in Boston that purposefully integrates with tidal movement, making it an attractive home for the community kayak center and social club. 
  • Generating renewable energy: The development will generate enough solar energy to power the equivalent of approximately 28 homes for one year.  This energy produced onsite is also a resiliency strategy to provide power during outages. 
  • Building green homes: Clippership Wharf is targeting a LEED for Midrise Homes certification at the Platinum level.  
Building for the Future  

As a leading construction company, Lendlease works with clients to deliver sustainable projects.  Whether it’s energy efficiency in temporary lighting and heating or construction and demolition waste management or activity pollution prevention, Lendlease’s sustainability practices in construction are helping clients meet ambitious green building objectives, including achieving LEED certification.  In 2017, Lendlease delivered nine residential projects representing more than 4.5 million square feet targeting or having achieved a LEED certification, with an estimated 2018 and beyond pipeline of green residential construction of nearly 15 million square feet.   

A home is more than roof, walls and windows. It’s a place to set down roots, to live, to be safe, to play and to grow.  At Lendlease we create the best places: Our green homes focus on people’s future so that they can focus on living now.