Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Inclusion Statement

We offer workplaces that unite diverse minds; where respect, equal treatment and equal opportunity are just the norm.

We strive for our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work; and for everyone to feel they belong.

We remain committed to supporting under-represented groups and providing a wide-range of inclusion initiatives, so that everyone is supported to thrive.

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Belong @ Lendlease

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is one of our guiding principles, because we know that when we get it right, our people and our business will thrive.

We drive an inclusive team culture where trust and psychological safety are prioritised. Because we believe that when people feel respected and valued, when they feel safe to contribute their ideas and truly be open, without hiding parts of their identity; that is when they will flourish.

And, when we leverage their unique experiences, we flourish; as individuals, as teams and as a business. That is how together we create value through places where communities thrive.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respect to them and their Elders, both past and present. As a business that works across many locations, we have a responsibility to listen, learn, and walk alongside First Nations peoples to ensure our activities support the continuing of connection to their land, waters, cultures, languages and traditions. We value their custodianship of 65,000 years.

Country, Truth and Our Shared Story: Elevate RAP 2020 – 2023
Lendlease’s commitment to closing the gender pay gap

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Focus Area's

LLA Inclusion Networks

We believe that when people feel respected and valued; when they feel safe to contribute their ideas and be truly open, without hiding parts of their identity; that is when they will flourish. Our Lendlease Australia Inclusion Networks are integral to building an inclusive culture and thriving business.

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Gender Network

Australia Pride

    First Nations Mob

     Racial Equity

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Our Achievements

Lendlease’s people are the greatest contributors to our success. That’s why creating culture where people encourage difference but work together is imperative to our business. Our efforts have been recognized and rewarded by the industry. Some of our achievements are listed below.

Our partnerships

Uluru Statement

Australia's CEO Dale Connor's statement