Leading the way in gender equity

Our Group CEO and Managing Director Steve McCann gave a candid and honest speech on pay equity and gender reporting at a recent Property Council of Australia Diversity lunch.

The event promoted and discussed the progress and opportunities of building a diverse and inclusive property industry, and Steve was among a small panel who spoke on their experiences and leading the way in gender equity.

The Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC), which Steve is part of, also released their 2017 progress report, focusing on a leadership action plan, building an inclusive industry, growing the talent pool, flexibility and gender reporting.

“I am a firm believer that what gets measured gets managed. Real-time access to data on gender diversity becomes hard to ignore and demands action,” Steve said.

In 2014 we started monitoring men’s and women’s salaries in “like for like” roles, including starting salaries for new recruits. 

“Some women in Lendlease were paid less in like for like roles,” Steve said. To overcome this, Lendlease has added to salary pools to address the gaps.

To close pay disparity, Steve advocates for continual monitoring and told the lunch, “What you can’t measure, you can’t fix.”

At Lendlease, assessing gender equity in all areas of our business is an ongoing priority. Our actions include minimising bias in the processes for recruitment, promotion and pay, ensuring gender pay parity, and monitoring gender-based metrics to ensure accountability and change. We’re also providing focused support for both women and men with families. The PMCC will also be releasing guidelines on gender pay equity later this year which will feature a Lendlease case study on pay parity. 

For more information or to read the 2017 PMCC progress report, visit the Property Council of Australia website