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Lendlease has a long and proud history of supporting First Nations’ recognition and reconciliation.

For the past eight years, Lendlease has publicly supported constitutional reform and in 2019 was one of 14 companies who came together to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

We continue to support constitutional recognition of First Nations people and giving them a Voice on matters that impact their lives. 

We have had a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in place since 2011 and we are today delivering against our third RAP. There are only a handful1 of organisations in Australia with an Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan and we are proudly one of them.

The Elevate status recognises our proven track record of championing initiatives to empower First Nations peoples and create societal change. It also reflects our ongoing effort to lift the industry standard of placemaking by incorporating the self-determination principles, wisdom and voices of First Nations peoples in the places we invest, develop, build and operate.

We have committed to and delivered against specific targets for employment, procurement, and cultural awareness. We’ve invested in partnerships and programs that preserve First Nations language and culture. We’ve driven community solutions to reduce incarceration and given hands on support to First Nations’ businesses enabling them to significantly scale and stretch.

smoke cleansing

Smoke cleansing of guests as they enter the Salesforce Tower by Uncle Brendan, a cultural representative of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Official opening of Salesforce Tower, Gadigal Country by Gadigal Elder Uncle Brendan

Delivering on our RAP titled Country, Truth and Our Shared Story and in recognition of the unique role we play in shaping the built environment, we are empowering First Nations voices at the earliest point in the placemaking and development process, when the most important and impactful decisions are being made.

This prioritisation of First Nations voices, languages and culture is redefining the way we consult, plan, design, procure, build and operate – the entire project lifecycle. And most importantly, over time, will enable Country to heal, truths to be told and help shape a shared story for our nation. This is integral to our core purpose to create places where communities thrive.

Our bottom-up effort is consistent with our position on the unfinished business of reconciliation.

We are on the cusp of a profound moment in our nation’s journey. A moment that, with the goodwill of all Australians, will finally give First Nations’ people long overdue recognition in our nation’s founding document.

We hope that most Australians will support this recognition and the constitutionally enshrined Voice – this is essential for genuine reconciliation.

Didgeridoo performance by Gadigal Elder Uncle Brendan, Gadigal Country

Collective response to the Uluru Statement from The Heart

Uluru Statement campaign, Cairns Central Djabugay, Yirrganydji, Gimuy-walubarra Yidi Country

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation to the Australian people from First Nations Australians. It asks all Australians to walk together to build a better future by establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian Constitution, and the establishment of a Makarrata Commission for the purpose of treaty making and truth-telling.

For the past 8 years, Lendlease has publicly supported constitutional reform. In our last RAP we partnered with the Recognise campaign to raise awareness and start a national conversation about the need for constitutional reform, and in 2019, Lendlease was one of fourteen organisations that came together to respond to the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Since then, Our current Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), titled County, Truth and our Shared Story 2020-2023, outlines the actions that Lendlease is taking to respond to the call for Voice, Treaty, Truth. It includes supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart across Lendlease managed shopping centres, and through advocacy across corporate Australia and collaborative activities in the communities where we operate.

As an industry and business, we have a unique opportunity to incorporate the wisdom of the First Nations Peoples in the places we develop, build and operate. As individuals, we can bring that wisdom and influence into our daily lives.

Collective response to the Uluru Statement from The Heart

“We represent 14 diverse organisations across a range of sectors (academia, aviation, construction, energy, engineering, insurance, legal, professional services, sport and resources).

Collectively we educate, employ and provide services to people across all of Australia. Together, we make this response to the Uluru Statement from the Heart: ‘Thank you for your invitation to walk with you in a movement of all Australian people for a better future.

We recognise the Uluru Statement from the Heart as an historic mandate to create a fuller expression of Australia’s nationhood.

We hear your call for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution and for a referendum to amend the Constitution accordingly.

We hear your call for a Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making between governments and First Nations and truthtelling about our history.

In a spirit of reconciliation, we look forward to working with and supporting you, as a matter of national priority, to develop and enact specific proposals in relation to Voice, Treaty and Truth. We call upon our people, industry colleagues and fellow Australians to join us in this important national dialogue.”

Read the full Uluru Statement from The Heart

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1 As of August 2022, 12 organisations have an Elevate RAP. Lendlease is delivering our second Elevate RAP, but third RAP overall.