Innovation at Lendlease

Innovation is part of how we work day to day at Lendlease and one of our core values. We take a disciplined approach to innovating so we can be consistent and engineer ideas, innovation should not be the result of just a ‘happy accident’.

At the heart of this approach are our customers. For us, innovation is change that adds value for our customers and Lendlease.

To support and nurture innovation throughout our business, we provide our people with the resources they need to so any seed of an idea is given its best chance to flourish.

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We are...

disciplined in our approach

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across our business are encouraged to solve problems in new and creative ways

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We have...

resources available for our people to innovate

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come in all shapes and sizes and we encourage all ideas whether they are big or small

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To share...

we have dedicated channels to share innovations across our projects globally


In 2017, we introduced The Lab, our hub to ideate and build ideas to make our places better for the future.

Stay in the Innovation know

Our achievements

Embracing our diversity and different perspectives can unlock an idea we’d never thought of or solve that elusive problem. We celebrate and share our innovations so we can all be inspired and continue to innovate for our customers.

Winning in construction technology Image

Winning in construction technology

Lendlease employee, Richard Kuppusamy recently presented on how Building Information Technology (BIM) and digital technology are transforming construction at Singapore Construction Productivity Week – BuildTech Asia 2017.

Beachcomber: more than 50 years on Image

Beachcomber: more than 50 years on

In the 1960s, Lendlease architect, Nino Sydney, designed homes that challenged tradition. More than 50 years later, the homes are still a unique part of Sydney's streets.

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Better ways to source, deliver and manage resource productivity

Living Utilities

Living Utilities delivers cost-effective and sustainable utility infrastructure assets and services to our projects.

Cross Laminated Timber Image
An Australian first

Cross Laminated Timber

In 2014, Melbourne opened its doors to Australia’s first public Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building – Library at the Dock. We are also responsible for the world’s tallest timber apartment building (at the time of completion), Forte at Victoria Harbour.

Mark Podgornik Image
Looking at a situation from a new perspective

Mark Podgornik

“The challenge was how to reinvigorate a space of 650 square metres that was unlettable and uninviting space,” Mark said.

Smart Seeds Image

Smart Seeds

Seven young professionals from Lendlease’s Building business attended the Smart Seeds Showcase Events in Sydney and Melbourne and won the People’s Choice Award for their innovative ideas.