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Introducing The Lab

Dick Dusseldorp was an individual who made a difference – he was creative and customer-centric in solving problems, helping to give Lendlease a competitive edge from our early days.

We need to continue to tap into our roots. It needs to be a part of how we work, day to day – in other words, innovation needs to be second nature at Lendlease. To assist with this, we have created a dedicated space to help our employees innovate - The Lab.

We know innovation can happen anywhere, but having a creative space can help energise our minds. That’s why we have created The Lab to support our innovation efforts and give innovators a place to bring their ideas to life.

Inspired by our approach to innovation, The Lab has been designed to feature Green Lab for creative thinking, Blue Lab for working through ideas, as well as a Tool Shed for experimenting.

Members of our Global Leadership Team and senior team in Australia have already explored the new space and tried out the creative environment in Green Lab.


Launching the Lab

The Lab in action

Since launching in February this year, the Lab has already had many visitors – ready to transform their ideas into innovations.

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  • Since Lendlease was founded in 1958, innovation has been deeply entrenched in the company and every project delivered. 

    Recently Start-Up Daily visited our global headquarters at Barangaroo in Sydney and spoke with our Chief People Officer, Michael Vavakis, about Innovation at Lendlease. 

    In the video below Michael talks about Lendlease’s Innovation Lab – a place encouraging people to think differently about solutions – and explains how innovation drove the creation of the collaborative Barangaroo precinct. 
  • People from Lendlease’s Communities business and other industry professionals ideated in the Lab to come up with a sustainable water solution for our master-planned communities.

    Communities National Sustainability Manager, Sonia Thompson, said, “We are driven to improve the way we supply and manage water within our communities. We are looking for ways to reduce reliance on potable water, improve systems to harness rainwater and increase reuse. We hope this will increase water available in the public realm, supporting more green spaces for residents to enjoy.

    “Finding innovative solutions will give us a competitive edge in the market place, delivering more green spaces and a visible point of difference.”

    Lendlease partners from Cardno, Landscape Solutions, Coliban Water, Sydney Water, Ecological Consultants Australia and the Institute for Sustainable Futures alongside peers from our Services business joined the Communities working group in the lab to brainstorm water solutions.

  • Twenty of Services’ operational and functional employees gathered to find an innovative solution that could add value to customers through technology.

    Joe Pecora, innovation lead for Services, said: “One of our innovation missions is to help our customers improve their operations, and one way to achieve this is by harnessing disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, or using existing technology such as Geolocation Information Systems (GIS) which we already use in Services.”

    The group came up with 48 ideas, ranging from evolving applications or consolidating systems, to live streaming works as they’re being undertaken so managers and supervisors can assist and support their people in real time.

    “All the ideas were really valuable and we’re now working on shaping some of them into tangible outcomes,” Joe concluded.