Smart Seeds at Lendlease

Choosing to focus on public and private transport use, as well as indigenous engagement, teams comprising Lendlease representatives won the People’s Choice Award at both events.

Ruth said, “I would definitely recommend the Smart Seeds program to other graduates as it presents an amazing opportunity not only to nurture and build upon innovative ideas and teamwork skills, but also to create connections and networks with the larger industry.”

The annual innovation program challenges cross-industry teams to develop solutions to specific problems over a 10-week period, culminating in the presentation of each team’s proposed solutions for judging.

In collaboration with GHD, our Lendlease teams were presented with the following challenges:

  • Ensuring the large population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Sydney region are able to participate in the economic opportunities in Western Sydney. 
  • Reducing the use of paper in the construction industry, and digitising processes to provide more up-to-date information and data analysis. 
  • Improving ‘the last mile’ of people’s commute from public transport stations/stops to workplaces and homes.
  • Exploring autonomous vehicles (AV) deployment in local communities and how AV will influence individuals, businesses, communities, the economy or wider society.
  • Consumption contributing to ‘microplastics’ (broken down plastic) polluting the ocean.
  • Making Melbourne a more inclusive place as population is set to grow to six billion by 2031.

Under high pressure conditions, our participants excelled in the presentation of their ideas to audiences of 200-plus people and an esteemed panel of industry judges.

"Smart Seeds provides an opportunity for our best graduates to explore innovation and build networks with a firm focus on solving real urban infrastructure issues. I’m always amazed by the creative ideas that emerge and I think our grads are too!” James Wewer, Sustainability Manager, Southern Region for our Building business.


At Lendlease, innovation is in our blood. We encourage diversity of thought, so we can make changes that add value for our customers, and for our future. 

Hear from participants


"Fantastic platform to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to truly ‘network’ with a wide range of people"


"A graduate needs to be committed to the process and have genuine interest in the challenge to make the most out of the opportunity."


"A great experience to network with other young professionals across the industry, and to build on personal development through team work, communication and presentations."


"Presenting something that we had put so much commitment to, to a panel of judges that have an agenda to make a difference to our city."