Winning in construction technology

Lendlease employee, Richard Kuppusamy recently presented on how Building Information Technology (BIM) and digital technology are transforming construction at Singapore Construction Productivity Week – BuildTech Asia 2017.

By integrating digital technology and processes through every aspect of project delivery, from design and construction to commissioning and operation, construction sites can achieve higher productivity and quality.

At our Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) project in Singapore, we are implementing Integrated Digital Delivery – a variety of innovative solutions throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our pragmatic view to leverage technology effectively in all aspects of the project allows stakeholders to realise their vision, plan and execute construction with safety, quality, and productivity at the forefront.

Some of the innovative digital solutions include drones, which are used for logistics planning, aerial photography, safety inspections and tracking construction progress. 

Consumer technology such as 360 degree cameras and GoPro cameras are used to capture immersive views of the construction site; create virtual site walks for safety induction training and allow all project stakeholders to observe construction activity without risk or disruption to site activity. 

BIM, drones and other technology being used at PLQ were discussed at BuildTech Asia, and the Singapore Building Construction Authority is using PLQ as an exemplar case study for Integrated Digital Delivery as part of their latest Industry Transformation Roadmap.

“I am heartened to see some leading firms beginning to explore and embrace IDD. One example is the development of Paya Lebar Quarter by Lendlease. When we visited the project earlier this year, we were impressed by the BIM… optimising building design, it allowed the tracking of construction progress, logistics planning, cost, and also the spatial location of workers onsite and this helps to enhance workers’ safety.” said Desmond Lee, Second Minister for National Development.