Tasman Peninsula benefits through community partnership with Lendlease

Springboard is a Lendlease Foundation initiative that supports our people in reaching their full potential through participation in an intensive five day personal development program. A key focus of the program is partnering with the Tasman Peninsula community in the south east of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Over the last three years, approximately 750 Lendlease employees from around the world have participated in the Springboard Tasman Peninsula program. Our Springboard delegates have worked with local community groups on projects to help build the economic sustainability of the region; from enhancing the existing capabilities of the local community to support tourism, to improving facilities, and providing skills and training to community members.

In addition to our usual pre and post program survey feedback, a Social Return on Investment (SROI) assessment was undertaken on the Springboard program, for the three year period of FY14 to FY16 inclusive. Using a social impact measurement methodology, externally audited by Social Value International, our Springboard program shows a $3.60 social and economic return for every $1 spent. Check out our SROI summary report here.

"While we have had lots of anecdotal feedback from both the Tasman community and our Springboard delegates, this new measurement helps us quantifiably demonstrate the value of the program,” said Cate Harris, Group Head of Lendlease Foundation.

Examples of how the returns have been measured include financially quantifying outcomes such as improvements in participant confidence, esteem, cultural awareness and personal growth, as well as more tangible returns such as Lendlease and delegates’ spend with local businesses while participating in the program.

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