Supporting the next generation of leaders

CareerTrackers is an internship program linking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students with private sector companies. The internship program helps create career pathways for students, ranging from school leavers to mature age students, with a key goal to increase the representation of Indigenous people in professional roles across corporate Australia.

Sharon Stevenson, National RAP Programs Manager at Lendlease said: “The CareerTrackers program aligns with one of our core RAP commitments to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people directly employed by Lendlease.

“Since 2011, we have hosted 79 CareerTrackers interns across our businesses and of these interns, we have been able to successfully place many into casual, graduate and direct employment roles at Lendlease. For example, we currently have 31 university interns participating in the 2017/18 summer internship program, and around 20 graduates are currently employed in full-time roles and a number in casual roles across Lendlease.”

The evening also celebrated the new CareerSeekers program. This is a non-profit social enterprise that operates a similar internship model to CareerTrackers, however is specifically focused on creating employment opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees who aspire to obtain professional employment. Our Australian Engineering business hosts CareerSeekers university and mid-career interns who are working across a range of infrastructure projects and experiencing great success.

Congratulations to all our CareerTrackers and CareerSeekers interns, graduates and their supporting managers. 

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