Walking in the footsteps of history

Between 1905 until 1930s, thousands of Aboriginal people from all over Queensland were either forcibly taken to Cherbourg, or were born there and came to call the area ‘home’. Today, Cherbourg is the third largest Aboriginal community in Queensland. 

Held from Friday 22 September to Thursday 28 September 2017, the 100km Yalari Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg was sponsored by Lendlease. 

Through our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Lendlease has a long-term partnership with Yalari who provide secondary education scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from regional, rural and remote communities to attend leading Australian schools.  

The commemorative walk provides a culturally significant opportunity for Yalari students, staff and supporters to experience the qualities of resilience, strength, courage, leadership and endurance. It is an event that not only takes a strong commitment to complete, but also honours those who have gone before them. 

Moana said “The conversations and memories shared with these children made the 100km walk very enjoyable (even in 37 degrees!). Having the opportunity for the children to open up and share their culture, personal stories and hardships was an experience that most Australians will never have, and I will never forget”. 

For the finale of the walk, Louise, Moana and team were joined by 10 of their Lendlease colleagues, other Yalari corporate supporters and Yalari volunteers to complete the final six kilometre trek into Cherbourg.    

Through our RAP, Lendlease also partners with organisations such as CareerTrackersAIME and NASCA (National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy), who are committed to supporting Indigenous Australians through high school, tertiary education and ultimately gain employment.

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