Because It Matters. Safety. Care. Respect.

Operating safely across our operations and projects and maintaining the physical and mental health of our people is a significant part of our culture and the way we do business.  

Our new safety campaign – Because It Matters. Safety. Care. Respect. – represents the next evolution of our safety journey and reinforces the importance of keeping all aspects of safety front of mind. It revolves around: 

  • Identifying and preventing physical and mental injuries from occurring
  • Caring for those who need emotional and psychological support and looking out for the warning signs
  • Acting and treating people with respect regardless of age, gender, heritage or sexual orientation.

We know that physical and psychological safety go hand in hand, as one can’t exist without the other.

Our priority is to keep people safe, and we do this by challenging how we work and continuously looking at ways to improve. 

Health and Safety isn’t a nice to have - it's essential.  

Looking after each other isn’t an ‘ideal’- it’s an expectation. It’s a matter of personal security and it’s something we take seriously.  

Because it’s what we do that matters. 

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