Lucas Toms

04 May 2022

Role: Assistant Development Manager
Business Unit: Retirement Living
Project: Glenaeon
State: NSW


Introduce yourself - what is your name, what is your role and what area of the business do you work in, including region and project? 

Hi, my name is Lucas Toms, I work within Lendlease Development in the Retirement Living Asset class. I am based in Sydney Australia working from Barangaroo. My role entails both office and site work. The project I am working on is Glenaeon Retirement Village, where we are renewing a portion of a 35-year-old existing village, by replacing 35 original units with 55 brand new units spread across three buildings. Development Management is an expansive role that allows me to gain experience in everything from planning, procurement, and stakeholder engagement to civil works, built form and delivery. I am currently in my third year working for Lendlease, having experience in both the Communities business, and Retirement Living. 


What does your day look like? 

Monday morning, a crucial day to set the mood for how the week is going to play out 

5.30am wake up 
At the start of the week my excitement to tackle the week is high so I make sure I am up nice and early to get a coffee in and do a quick meal prep before heading to the gym before work 

6.00am Gym or morning walk 
I train at CrossFit Botany, and it is one way to get a huge sweat in before work, if I am going to work in the office for the day, I find it so beneficial to exercise before work to tick that off my list and start the day with good intentions.

On the days that I am not at the gym I will make sure that I get a morning walk in, the importance of moving before walk is huge. It helps to take the stress out of the day and clear the mind. Not every day do you wake up with motivation to do these things, but a personal victory before the day has started is crucial.

7.00am Second coffee breakfast and out the door. 
I love my coffee so I am home to make a coffee, eat my breakfast and get out the door to commute to work. My commute consists of a bus then train to Barangaroo. I find this time beneficial as I am able to put my headphones in listen to music and turn off for a bit preparing for a big day ahead.

8.30 arrive to Barangaroo 
Working at Barangaroo is amazing, the precinct is so vibrant and full of people at all hours of the day. I am always inclined to walk down to the waters edge and have a sit down. There I will scroll through my emails and see what I have on for the day so I can briefly plan what lies ahead for me in the day. 

9am work starts
If I have done all the things above before the day has started, I know that I am in for a good day, I have made sure ive put myself first and that I am in a good mental space to take on a full day of work in a good headspace and a driven manner 

You arrive on site/in the office, how do you begin your day? How do you prepare for the day ahead, what does this include? 

Development management allows for days that you are both on site and in the office all in one day, lets see how this would play out 

9.00am Arrive to the office
Walking into the international towers has a feeling like no other, the big revolving doors and open foyer brings a sense of professionalism and excitement

Arriving on level 17

The level I work on is 17 which is a vibrant level, as I walk in im straight to the fruit bowls that Lendlease provides every day where Ill grab my favorite fruit for the day before it all goes. After a quick hello to the team and a scan of who is working in there for the day, ill set up my desk for the day. The way we work is a hot desk system that allows for collaboration on open desks, where communication is easy.

10 am meetings

Normally I will start the day with a quick meeting with my boss to map out what the critical items are for the day.

11am travel to site

From the office we will travel to site, which is in Belrose, the change of scenery is amazing and makes the day so enjoyable.

12pm arrive at site for site walk

On this day we were discussing the finishes on the soffit, where the paint that was chosen was showing too many imperfections so we had to strategize if either a new paint coat or patching would have to be done. 

2pm back to the office

After a successful site walk and issues solved it is back to the office to see out the rest of the day, being off the laptop for that time normally a fair few email have come through so a some focus time is crucial. I will jump into one of the many quiet pods scattered on every level to smash out my work. 

3.30 Afternoon coffee NEEDED!
My favorite coffee shop at Barangaroo is in tower one, I will walk down and grab a piccolo to see the afternoon out. After grabbing the coffee, I will walk back along the harbor side to clear the mind and take in the surrounds, especially on a beautiful day.

4-5.30pm make sure the critical items have been completed 
The final part of the day will be scanning through the to do list to make sure that everything I have planned to do has been accomplished and if not to action it for first thing the next morning. 

You have finished work for the day, what do you do in the evenings to relax and unwind? Does this include any post work activities? 

After work the commute home is a terrific way to start to unwind, I will put my headphones in and listen to some music to relax. Once I return home, in the summertime and daylight savings I do my best to either fit a surf in or go for a swim at the beach. Then after that its straight to dinner and a bit of Netflix before I wrap up the day by preparing for the next. Preparation is key in order to be efficient!