Luke Syme

06 May 2022

Role: Graduate Site Engineer
Business Unit: Building, Defence
Project: EST0121PH5B
State: WA


Introduce yourself - what is your name, what is your role and what area of the business do you work in, including region and project? 

My name is Luke Syme, I am a Graduate Site Engineer working on the EST0121PH5B Defense project in Perth WA.


What does your day look like? 

6:00AM: Wake up and have a shower


6:15AM: Make a Coffee and get ready for work


6:40AM: Leave for Work


You arrive on site/in the office, how do you begin your day? How do you prepare for the day ahead, what does this include? 


7:00AM: Arrive at Work

7:05AM: Review list of actions required from previous week

7:15AM: Read emails and create a list of further actions for the day

7:30AM: Complete Site Inductions and give contractor access to the base

8:00AM: Site walk with Construction Manager, Site Manager or Senior Project Engineer

8:30AM: Speak with Subcontractors and Supervisors regarding issues onsite. Issues usually involve conflicting design documentation or coordination between trades (e.g., Services and ceilings & partitions)

9:00AM: Resolve issues through reviewing design, speaking with consultants, or speaking with supervisors

10:00AM: Start working on list of actions and tasks. Some tasks include procurement, reviewing shop drawings, reviewing samples, chasing up subcontractors and consultants for submissions or information

12:00PM: Lunch 


You have finished work for the day, what do you do in the evenings to relax and unwind? Does this include any post work activities? 

5:00PM: Finish work

5:15PM: Go to the Gym

6:30PM: Head Home

7:00PM: Get home and have a shower

7:30PM: Dinner and unwind

9:30PM: Go to bed