Michael Moore

04 May 2022

Role:Site Engineer
Business Unit: LLB
Project: 150 Lonsdale Street
State: VIC


Introduce yourself - what is your name, what is your role and what area of the business do you work in, including region and project? 

My name is Michael Moore. I started with Lendlease in late 2015 as a vacation intern. I was then kept on as a part time undergrad whilst I completed my University studies. I commenced the LL grad program in 2020 and completed this in Feb 22. I am a site engineer for the VIC building business. I currently work on the 150 Lonsdale St re-development. It is a smaller job for LLB and quite different to what we normally build and my previous projects. I am in my final week at 150L and will be moving to a new project for the business; 51 Flinders Ln to help setup the site and commence on site works. 


What does your day look like? 

My day starts at 6am. I hit snooze on my alarm until about 6 30am (sometimes a little longer!). After getting ready for work I walk to my current project. The walk lasts approx. 15-20mins. I usually arrive to site at 7am to start my workday. 

If it is an RDO, my day starts a little later, and I arrive to work around 8am.


You arrive on site/in the office, how do you begin your day? How do you prepare for the day ahead, what does this include? 


7am – I arrive at site. I greet the team and make my morning coffee before anything else. I then go through some emails and take phone calls as the guys get setup onsite.

8am – I go for a site walk and check which trades are on site, ensuring we have labour working on the critical activities for that day. I chat to my area foreman and help solve any small issues the workers have as they begin their day.

9 30am – I make my breakfast at ‘smoko time’ in the site kitchen. If I am busy, I eat it at my desk whilst responding to emails, design issues etc. If I have time, I like to sit with the foreman and other engineers and have a chat.

10am – I continue with daily tasks such as sorting design issues, talking to consultants, helping subcontractors, and participating in meetings.

As the day continues, I am constantly called to site to look at a detail or help the foreman resolve onsite issues.

12 30pm – I have my lunch with the rest of the team. We talk about what is happening at work as well as personnel and share banter. Having a good team on a construction site is critical, as the hours can be long, and the work is stressful. But with a good team it is bearable and enjoyable to work together.

The afternoon consists of more daily work activities. Typically, I work more from my desk in the afternoon as the workers are setup and know what they are doing. It is a good time to conduct more site meetings and assess progress claims.

4pm – the afternoons are more boisterous in the office as the workers have gone home and the foreman are at their desks. Everyone banters with each other and finalizes their work. We discuss works for the next day and get things ready for the next morning.

5 30pm – I typically try to leave work around 5 30pm. I walk home and use it as time to unwind from the busy day.


You have finished work for the day, what do you do in the evenings to relax and unwind? Does this include any post work activities? 

Each night after work is usually slightly different. Some nights I cook dinner for my partner and myself. I clean up and then relax on the couch to watch some Netflix or similar before going to bed.

Other nights I like to go for a run before dinner to get some exercise in. Another option is to go to the driving range and hit some golf balls.

On Fridays we like to enjoy a few beers after work with the work team to celebrate another week of progress. Often, I will continue with more dinner / drinks with friends. Other times I am exhausted from the week and like to fall asleep on the couch watching the footy / movie.