1st Year Graduate, Melbourne Quarter East Tower Project

Nick is a proud Aboriginal man, his mob originates from Alice Spring, NT which belongs to the Arunta peoples. He grew up on the Gold Coast and attended Griffith University.

Nick is currently working on the Melbourne Quarter East Tower Residential project. His role covers anything from settlement tracking, internal research, new-business development and internal paper development.

How did you hear about the program and what made you apply?

Originally, I heard about the Lendlease Graduate Program through my university, Griffith University, and their various partnerships together. As I progressed through my degree, Lendlease was a property development company that was constantly used for case studies and various partnerships.  After learning more about the types of developments and the company’s previous work, I looked into potential internships during my degree. Ultimately, I decided to apply for the graduate program towards the end of my studies and managed to secure a role before I finished my final exam mid-2018.

What has been you most rewarding experience since joining Lendlease?

Launchpad 02. This is an innovations program run through Lendlease by Stanford University’s Design School. The program involves developing an innovative idea into a marketable product over the course of several months, including an intensive week at Barangaroo working directly with Stanford professors. The program proved to be an invaluable learning curve into one’s way of thinking.

This is an example of the kinds of opportunities available through the graduate program and broader Lendlease as a company.

What difference has the Program made for you?

By having the opportunity to be a part of the 2019 Lendlease Graduate cohort, I have been exposed to various parts of the development industry. Also gaining invaluable insight into the corporate workplace environment. This has not only help to develop my professional skills, but also helped to develop the skills that can be applied in a broader context.

What is one piece of advice for an incoming Graduate?

My one piece of advice to a new graduate would be to take every opportunity that is available, regardless of what it is. 

Part of the graduate program is the flexibility to get involved in various internal programs, courses and social programs. It’s the perfect time to take these kinds of opportunities and really understand the details in the work you’re doing.