Our report details our progress over the course of our first RAP 2011-2015 as well as our updated Elevate RAP goals and target for 2016-2018. Learn more about our focus areas in the full document. We have developed a COVID-19 Response Plan which will be incorporated into our next RAP document. We continue to work with Reconciliation Australia on finalising our next 2020-2023 RAP, which will be released in 2020.

A Message from Karen Mundine, CEO, Reconciliation Australia
Reconciliation Australia congratulates Lendlease on its past successes and ongoing commitment to reconciliation as it implements its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

In adopting an Elevate RAP, Lendlease joins an elite group of organisations that have taken reconciliation beyond ‘business as usual’ and embedded it in the delivery of core business practices and decision-making at the highest level. 

Lendlease has been on this journey with Reconciliation Australia since 2011 and has a strong track record of following through with its RAP commitments and building meaningful partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. Great progress has been made across the key domains of reconciliation—relationships, respect and opportunities.

Lendlease’s work with Traditional Owner groups to ensure Aboriginal heritage is respected and protected and that physical artefacts are managed by the community and repatriated according to the Elders’ directions, has built better relationships between Lendlease and the Traditional Owners its business impacts. The participation of over 2,500 employees in cultural awareness training and the provision of cultural leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees has no doubt enhanced cultural understanding and respect in the workplace. By having 60 CareerTrackers interns working with Lendlease businesses since 2011, contributing to the mentoring support of 4,500 students nationwide in the AIME program and being a founding member of Supply Nation, Lendlease also has shown its commitment to generating opportunities for Indigenous peoples. These achievements provide a solid foundation for Lendlease to realise the goals of its Elevate RAP through deepened respect, true partnerships and practical application. 

Reconciliation Australia’s RAP program inspires social change in workplaces around the country. RAP organisations such as Lendlease understand that by providing sustainable opportunities in education, employment and business for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the benefits flow both ways.

Lendlease’s Elevate RAP signifies its continued and accelerated commitment to meaningful and sustainable outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. Raising the bar of its reconciliation ambitions sets a fine example to others within its sphere of influence. 

On behalf of Reconciliation Australia, I commend Lendlease on its Elevate RAP and look forward to following its impressive reconciliation journey.
A Message from Steve McCann, Lendlease Group CEO and Managing Director
Lendlease’s vision is to create the best places and in working to achieve that we must learn, with deep respect, from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters and recognise and value the fundamental place their culture, knowledge and history have in making Australia the best and most equitable place it can be for all Australians.

This became much clearer to me after visiting the 2015 Garma Festival with the Reconciliation Australia/ Business Council of Australia group. It was, as people had said, a huge privilege to be welcomed to the country of the Yolgnu people and a new and very different learning experience. It opened my eyes to the real and highly complex challenges we face in becoming a more reconciled nation where there are no gaps in equality and opportunity, and the First Peoples of this country are recognised in the Australian Constitution. Lendlease has a wide sphere of inuence and while our refreshed RAP clearly articulates the expectation our businesses will achieve the RAP goals, the organisation’s vision and commitment can only be truly realised through the individuals in our workforce taking responsibility and driving change, person to person.

I accept that responsibility with a new sense of obligation and have started the conversations we all need to have, person to person, to drive policy engagement across the business community. We will only make genuine progress if we step up and, with respect and collaboration, support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who are leading the design of solutions that will create healthier, productive places and a better Australia.
A Message from Cath Brokenborough, Executive Lead, Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation
The business case for our RAP is now well developed, and our partnership delivery model has proven successful over the past three years. Our refreshed RAP, which continues to build upon our learning through the challenges, successes and failures since we released our first RAP in 2011, ensures that what we plan and do is closely aligned with Lendlease’s business strategy and underscored by Indigenous community needs and aspirations, community advice and endorsement, and human rights.

We have learned that success takes time and commitment, and that impacting large scale social change is neither simple nor linear. It takes collaboration and a collective impact approach across many targeted areas to achieve meaningful and sustainable lifestyles and careers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and a flourishing Indigenous business sector.

We continue to work on challenges we faced when we started implementing our RAP. This RAP will redouble our efforts to embed the systems and processes to report more accurate data on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee numbers, numbers of employees who have undertaken cultural awareness and engagement training, and the spend with indigenous businesses.

Lendlease aims to create and manage “places” and the roads, infrastructure, services and industries that connect and support these places. As a proud Wiradjuri woman I, like many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, believe a “place” owns the people, a place has history, family connection, purpose and meaning and a spirituality that nurtures the people.

Our RAP aims to bring these two concepts together to recognise, respect and celebrate the fact that we build, work, live, learn and play on Aboriginal lands, on sacred places, where ancient and modern cultures can come together to create a community where all people can thrive, feel safe and create value. 

We are humbled by the warmth and generosity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations and individuals who have shown us this is possible.

Build respect & value
  • Increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness, respect and engagement learning opportunities for Lendlease employees
  • Demonstrate respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities by embedding cultural protocols
  • Celebrate NAIDOC Week and provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to engage with culture and community during NAIDOC Week.
Growing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leadership
  • Invest in developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent and career pathways.
Building respectful relationships to deliver opportunities
  • RAP Advisory Panel actively monitors RAP development and implementation.
  • Celebrate National Reconciliation Week (NRW) to strengthen and maintain relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and other employees and to build relationships with local communities.
  • Raise internal and external awareness of our RAP to promote reconciliation across our business and sector.
  • Maintain and leverage mutually benecial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations to support
    positive outcomes.
  • Embed supplier diversity principles in organisation-wide procurement policies and procedures.
  • Embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy in organisation-wide HR policies and procedures.
Collaboration built on respect
  • Collaborate with our partners and peers in a collective impact approach to closing the gaps in education, employment, housing and health & wellbeing.
  • Share experiences and networks with partners and peers.
  • Report on RAP achievements, challenges and learning internally and externally
Our new RAP

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