Lendlease has four guiding principles which define the way we conduct business: safety; sustainability; diversity and inclusion; and customer focus.  

We work with thousands of suppliers around the world that share our values and principles to help ensure the places we create are incident and injury free for our people and the public, while also helping us maintain a sustainable and internationally-competitive supply chain. Facilitating diversity in our procurement strategy allows us to tap into the widest possible pool of suppliers in order to deliver high quality outcomes for our customers.
Our Supplier Diversity strategy drives our engagement with suppliers from large to medium companies to sole traders.  We are increasing our relationships with small business, Indigenous owned, woman owned, and minority owned businesses.

The diverse range of suppliers and subcontractors strengthens our ability to deliver quality projects, enhances the capabilities of the small business community, and fosters a healthy business environment. As well as achieving measurable social impacts, supplier diversity drives a range of business benefits, including sustainability, flexibility, innovation and value.

In Australia, in particular, our Elevate RAP goals mean we are working with Indigenous partners to formalise the approach to procurement relationships, with a five year program of growth. 


Our suppliers help us to to create and deliver better places. 

In doing so, the health, safety and well-being of our people and stakeholders, including people employed directly or indirectly within our supply chains is our priority.

It is expected that all suppliers we work with share this same view.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations and seeks to apply Lendlease’s Core Values in partnership with our third-party suppliers, consultants and contractors (Suppliers).

It covers important issues such as health and safety, modern slavery, cybersecurity and sustainability. 

It is important that our existing and prospective Suppliers understand and act consistently with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Global Minimum Requirements Framework (GMRs) sets out the minimum environment, health and safety standards designed to control risks associated with our operations. Our GMRs apply to the entire lifecycle of a project – even before we decide if we’re going to bid for that job.

You can read more about our GMRs and Supplier Code of Conduct below;