Australian Supplier Payment Code -  Digital Badge

The code, is a voluntary, industry-led initiative which commits signatory companies to pay eligible Australian Small Business Suppliers within 30 days of receipt of a correct invoice or receipt of a correct product from the supplier (whichever is the later) or on mutually agreed terms, or on terms that are consistent with a standard industry practice.

The code specifically refers to 45 days being the relevant industry practice for construction industry payments. 

More information about the Business Council of Australia’s Supplier Payment Code for Australia can be found here.

Accordingly, Lendlease has reviewed its existing portfolio of Australian suppliers and will change payment terms to 30 days for eligible small business suppliers subject to 45 day payment terms applying to suppliers of construction goods and services.

Eligible Small Business: What’s the Definition?

Eligible suppliers are those that satisfy the following definition: 
  • have an Australian ABN; and
  • have revenue of no more than A$10 million in the last year (excluding businesses that are part of a consolidated group of companies).
    (Eligible Small Business)
Eligible Small Business: How do I Self-nominate?

If you believe that you are an Eligible Small Business trading with Lendlease, you may self-nominate through the online registration process here. During the online registration, please provide the following information:
  • A copy of audited accounts with evidence of total revenues less than AU$10 million in the last year; or 
  • A statement of total revenues from an independent accounting firm. This statement must be on company letterhead signed by a member of one of the following professional accounting bodies:
    • Institute of Public Accountants
    • CPA Australia
    • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
The statement must include the member’s name, title, company and professional membership number.

Once your registration form is assessed, you will receive a notification advising you of the outcome. If you are deemed eligible, your payment terms will be updated.

What should I do if I do not agree with how Lendlease has assessed my invoice? 

You should check that you have submitted a correct invoice including all details required (please refer to the FAQ titled ‘what is a correct invoice’.) If you wish to dispute Lendlease’s assessment of your invoice, you should refer to the dispute resolution process set out in your contract. You should submit the required notices to Lendlease under your contract, so that the nature of the dispute is understood and Lendlease can endeavour to resolve this with you. 

If you are a supplier of construction goods and services, you may also be able to access statutory dispute resolution processes. If you are unsure of these, you should contact your state based fair trading office for information. 

I think Lendlease could improve its invoicing and payment practices. Who can I contact? 

Lendlease is committed to working with suppliers to improve invoicing and payment practices. In addition to continuing reviewing its own payment practices, it would be interested in ideas from our suppliers, including considering the application of new technologies. Please send your ideas to [email protected]

Other Questions?
For more information please review the frequently asked questions or contact our Supplier Help Desk via email: [email protected].