Lendlease Neuroscience in Design (NiD) brings science into the realm of design to make spaces better for people. Based on neuroscience, its approach is unlike any other to date. 

NiD offers services tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers, to help you create spaces that enable optimum brain function, so you can attract and retain the best talent. NiD helps our customers to think, feel and behave at your best, to make it easier to achieve your business goals. 
What makes NiD different, is that it measures people’s physiological experience in built environments. NiD draws on our in-house scientific experiments and on existing research in a wide range of related disciplines, to discover what environmental elements we need to include and avoid, for people’s brains to perform at their best.  

Based on our proprietary criteria, NiD offers our customers a range of options for enhancing all kinds of built spaces, including commercial offices, healthcare, education, housing and public spaces. 

This is the new frontier in the procurement of built-space, particularly in the area of workplace strategy – and we’re at the forefront. Speak with us today to learn how NiD can improve the wellbeing and performance of your people.

Level One: NiD Map

The program entry point is Level One: NiD Map. Map involves a comprehensive, qualitative assessment of an existing or proposed design, based on our proprietary criteria. Even more effectively, NiD can provide input into your design brief: Early advice is easiest to implement; however, NiD can provide input at any point. The principle deliverable is a report, offering a range of practical options for enhancement, ranked according to cost and ease of implementation. Where possible, we’ll provide a 3D visualization of the possible options, as an immersive experience, to assist our customers with decision making and stakeholder engagement.

Level Two: NiD Lab

NiD Lab builds on Level One by adding measurement to the mapping exercise and advice on options. After partnering with our customers and establishing their priorities, we conduct field and lab experiments, with the assistance of the University of Sydney, to accurately quantify benefits, before and after improvements have been made.

Level Three: NiD Tech

The final stage, Level Three: NiD Tech is the future for built space and technology, just around the corner. Based on the data generated from Level 2, the vision for Level 3 NiD Tech is to offer customers indoor environments that respond in real-time to the needs of the people in them, while offering building managers and leadership teams, real time information to help them implement beneficial changes and plan for the future.

Neuroscience in Design (NiD)
Product Levels

Stress costs Australian business $15 billion every year. It impedes rational thought. It hampers creativity.

Our scientific experiments, conducted in a range of built environments, show that overcrowding increases heart rate, noise reduces creativity and nature enhances creativity and overall performance.

By examining your current built space or future plans, we can enhance brain function, improve wellbeing and support the optimal performance of your people.
Talk with us today about how NiD can benefit your space and your people and your business.

Genevieve Scarfe, Head of Neuroscience in Design
[email protected]
0411 125 343

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