Appin Road Upgrade

The Appin Road upgrade is currently under assessment by Transport for NSW. 

As part of the new Figtree Hill community, Lendlease is committed to funding and delivering important safety upgrades to Appin Road. The upgrade is a significant infrastructure project covering 5km of Appin Road to improve road safety, help protect local koalas and support the delivery of new homes.

Appin Road Upgrade Timeline

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Appin Road Upgrade

The proposed upgrades include:

  • Koala protection measures including fauna fencing and koala underpasses
  • Road duplication and safety barriers, between Fitzgibbon Lane, Rosemeadow and Gilead
  • Upgraded intersections at Copperfield Drive and Kellerman Drive, and Fitzgibbon Lane and Kellerman Drive
  • Two new intersections to provide access to the Figtree Hill development

Lendlease will be delivering the Appin Road Upgrade under an approved Voluntary Planning Agreement with the NSW Government. Work will commence as soon we receive approvals. For further information and to show your support for the upgrade, please contact Transport for NSW on 1800 684 490 or email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Mayor of Campbelltown, Dr George Greiss, and Member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren, recently visited Figtree Hill and provided their views on why it is so important to get work started on Appin Road. You can view the interviews below. 

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Appin Road Upgrade with Dr George Greiss

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Appin Road Upgrade with Greg Warren

The journey so far

  • Appin Road is a key arterial road which connects road users travelling between south-western Sydney and the Illawarra. It has an average use of over 10,000 vehicles per day and locally the road services the suburbs of Appin, Gilead and Rosemeadow.

  • A safety review of Appin Road was undertaken by Transport for NSW in 2014. Several safety issues were identified in the review such as trees too close to the road’s edge and the narrow width of the existing lanes and shoulders of the road. The upgrade of Appin Road was recommended to address these safety issues.

  • The original Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and concept design for Appin Road Upgrade, were on exhibition from Monday 19 November to Friday 14 December 2018.

    It was proposed that the road be duplicated providing additional lanes and new safety barriers. View the Transport for NSW community update for more information. 

  • A report published by Biolink (2023) revealed that there has been an increasing rate of koala roadkill along Appin Road in recent years, and that the number of animals known to have been killed along this road is likely to represent less than half of the real number. Using publicly available data from BioNet, we’ve counted 28 koala deaths along this stretch of road in the past five years. 

  • Transport for NSW developed a Addendum Review of Environmental Factors (A/REF) which was on public exhibition in November and December 2022. The community was consulted over the proposed addition of koala underpasses and fauna fencing to facilitate safe passage of koalas across Appin Road. View the Transport for NSW community update for more information.

  • The Appin Road Upgrade will provide two new signalised intersections to the Figtree Hill community. This will provide access for new residents and the community. 

    Appin Road will also serve the Greater Macarthur Growth Area. This area will transition from rural land use over the next 20 years to a location for new housing and employment opportunities in the region.

  • Transport for NSW will make a determination on the Appin Road Upgrade. They are continuing to assess the environmental impacts from the proposed works before determining the project. For further information, please contact Transport on 1800 684 490 or email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au.

  • Further safety upgrades and improvements are also planned along the rest of Appin Road by Transport for NSW, with more information visit nswroads.work/appinroad.

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