Gilead will deliver 3,300 new homes in the Greater Macarthur Growth Area surrounded by protected natural bushland, framing wide open green spaces, with plenty of places to explore.

Our proposal prioritises areas for environmental conservation upfront providing a unique opportunity to improve biodiversity and conservation outcomes throughout the life of the project and into the future.


“Lendlease will deliver the necessary community facilities, social and environmental infrastructure to create a community that is truly beautiful and sustainable.”

The current grazing and rural uses of the land are unsustainable and have resulted in the continued deterioration of waterways and habitat. The Gilead proposal will put in place two east-west conservation corridors, along Menangle Creek and Woodhouse Creek, that provide safe connectivity for koalas and other native wildlife between the Georges River and Nepean River. It will also contribute to the Nepean River corridor.


In December 2021 the Department of Planning and Environment confirmed that “these corridors apply the recommendations and subsequent advice of the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer.”

Learn more about our Conservation initiatives.

Next steps

The NSW Government identified the land at Gilead as being capable of urban development in 2015 and provided further planning frameworks in the Greater Macarthur 2040 Interim Plan.

Lendlease has lodged a rezoning proposal with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. This has been undertaken as part of a Technical Assurance Panel being piloted by the Department to undertake strategic investigations for precincts. Learn more.

The assessment of this proposal will include the exhibition of technical investigations and reports that support the rezoning. The application is on public exhibition for comment from 21 November 2022 until 19 December 2022. Visit the Department's website for more information.


Drone footage of the Gilead site