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27 February 2023

First Nations Artist – Expression of Interest

Located on Dharawal Country, Figtree Hill is being designed with considerations to honour the region’s rich First Nations cultural heritage and stories. As part of this journey, Lendlease is looking for a First Nations artist to create a unique artwork representing the project and the community.

Drawing on the site’s strong cultural narratives, with inspiration from the beauty of Country, the artwork should inspire visitors to learn more about local Dharawal stories.

To bring this project to life we are working with Deadly Ed, leaders in First Nations art and education, to manage the Expressions of Interest and selection process.

As part of this project, the artist must be open to feedback from local Dharawal elders and community leaders. One of the most important groups involved in the co-creation of the masterplan project at Figtree Hill has been the First Nations community.

Lendlease’s Elevate RAP will take a leading role in lifting the industry standard of placemaking by incorporating the self-determination principles and voices of First Nations people. At Figtree Hill, we have developed an overarching Connecting with Country approach to placemaking, focused on shared prosperity, caring for Country, and working closely with the community on the protection and celebration of Dharawal culture.

For more information on the Expression of Interest and related materials please visit the Deadly Ed website.

22 November 2022

Appin Road Underpasses on Public Exhibition

Lendlease is working with the NSW Government to improve safety along Appin Road for motorists and wildlife.

As part of the Government’s planned safety upgrade between Mount Gilead and Ambarvale, Lendlease proposes to construct two wildlife underpasses and additional fauna fencing to increase protection for the local koala population, and has submitted an Addendum Review of Environmental Factors for the proposal.

The public exhibition is being managed by Transport for NSW and is open until 13 December 2022. Click here for more information.

Key features of the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors include:

  • A northern koala underpass which connects Noorumba Reserve to Glen Lorne Reserve.
  • An interim southern koala underpass which connects Beulah to Browns Bush Reserve.
  • Monitoring technology of the koala underpasses to provide information on their use and effectiveness.
  • Fauna fencing at Noorumba Reserve and Beulah Reserve and the length of Appin Road between Mount Gilead and Ambarvale.

Subject to planning approval, Lendlease will commence construction in early 2023.

Lendlease is committed to funding and delivering a permanent Beulah underpass as part of our Mount Gilead Planning Agreement with the Planning Minister. This underpass will require detailed design and environmental assessments and does not form part of the addendum currently open for public exhibition.

Appin Road Underpass

21 November 2022

Gilead Proposal on Public Exhibition

Lendlease has submitted a rezoning proposal for Gilead which is currently on public exhibition. The exhibition is managed by the Department of Planning and Environment, and it is open until 19 December 2022.

The proposal includes the delivery of up to 3,300 new homes, parklands, community and education facilities, local infrastructure, and village centre. The planning proposal is supported by detailed technical studies.

Lendlease has prioritised areas for environmental conservation. The planning proposal will contribute to delivering koala corridors, as outlined by the NSW Government, which implement the recommendations of the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE).

The NSW Government is responsible for receiving submissions and assessing the proposal. Information about the public exhibition is available via the planning portal.

Subject to approval of the rezoning proposal, Lendlease will work with Campbelltown City Council to provide detailed development controls and plans for the site, including a masterplan and infrastructure commitments.

Gilead proposal

2 November 2022

Ambitious plan to boost housing and conservation

The Department of Planning and Environment has announced that it will undertake the assessment of our proposed Gilead masterplanned community project given the critical housing and environmental benefits it seeks to deliver, read more.

The Gilead proposal will supply 3,300 new homes for south-west Sydney, to keep housing attainable for families and first home buyers in the Campbelltown area while securing nearly half of the land for environmental conservation to contribute to the establishment crucial koala corridors.

Lendlease has been delivering projects in Western Sydney for almost 60 years. The Gilead proposal will be interconnected with Lendlease’s Figtree Hill community which is currently under construction and will deliver 1,700 homes, and much needed safety upgrades to Appin Road and underpasses for local wildlife, once approved by Transport for NSW.

Lendlease has welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) through a technical assurance panel (TAP) pilot program to prepare the Gilead proposal and supporting technical reports.  

Through this process Lendlease has ensured that the project implements all the recommendations of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer report on the protection of the Campbelltown koala population and the Government Architect’s Connecting with Country Framework. 

The future master planned community will not only include extensive conservation areas, open space and parklands but deliver much needed community and education facilities, new roads, and a local village centre.  

Lendlease has been delivering projects in Western Sydney for almost 60 years. The Gilead proposal will be interconnected with Lendlease’s Figtree Hill community which is currently under construction and will deliver 1,700 homes, much needed safety upgrades to Appin Road and underpasses for local wildlife.  

The community will be able to make submissions and provide feedback on the Gilead proposal during the Department of Planning and Environment public exhibition period.  

Learn more about the Gilead proposal and our plan for Koala Conservation at Gilead 



23 September 2022

Insects of the Cumberland Plain

Researchers from the University of Sydney have set up bee hotels within the Figtree Hill conservation areas, as part of a study into the regeneration of the Cumberland Plain Woodland. The conservation areas within Figtree Hill cover 22 hectares and form part of a regeneration and management program being undertaken by Lendlease.

The bee hotels, also known as trap nests, will help researchers investigate the impact of pollinating insects, such as native bees, butterflies, and hoverflies, on the restoration of the woodland.

Researchers are using the Macarthur-Onslow and Hillsborough conservation areas that have been previously impacted from farming. Whilst some areas are showing signs of natural regeneration, other areas will require ongoing repair to remove exotic weeds and planting to recreate habitat.

Figtree Hill Research Project Figtree Hill insect traps

The Cumberland Plain Woodland is characterised by an open tree canopy and groundcovers dominated by grasses and herbs, sometimes with layers of shrubs.

The gentle slopes and fertile soils of the woodland meant that it was appealing for European settlers to clear for timber and farming. Over half of the Cumberland Plain Woodland was lost by 1850. Areas such as Figtree Hill were cleared from 1812 when landowners started growing wheat and grazing cattle.

However, through investment, expertise and ongoing management, the conservation areas will be regenerated to improve biodiversity having a positive impact for the woodland pollinators.


August 2022

The future is all electric

Independent research reveals that families want innovative, sustainable, and low-cost energy solutions when making the decision to build a new home. Over 80% of home buyers view sustainability inclusions as important when going on the home building journey.

Figtree Hill provides an opportunity for new homeowners to invest in the latest solar power systems, reverse cycle air-conditioners, heat pumps and inductions cooktops from the very start. Recent purchasers can take advantage of a $10,000 rebate to help them install smart, all-electric services and equipment when building their new home.

The rebate has been a welcome drawcard for home buyers looking for smart ways to reduce their household energy costs and future-proof their homes.

It’s been an added incentive for first home buyers, like local Kaylee Salzke who grew up in the Macarthur area and recently purchased a block of land at Figtree Hill. Ms Salzke is keen to utilise the rebate and believes that sustainability is very important when purchasing a home.

Figtree Hill
“Planning for the future is a necessity, so we can ensure the longevity of the community and build the foundations to support the lives of future generations.”
Kaylee Salzke, Future Resident at Figtree Hill

Building a sustainable home is not only good for the environment but can have a positive impact on the household budget in the long term. It’s always important to consider the energy stars of household appliances when building a new home. As the more energy stars they display, the more efficient they will be. It’s pretty easy to see that choosing a more efficient appliance, which may cost a bit more upfront can save you money in the long term.

Operating an air-conditioning unit during the heat of summer and chilly winter months is often the number one energy user in the home. Heating and cooling can account for around 40 per cent of the average Australian household’s energy use.

Rewiring Australia author Dr Saul Griffith estimates the average cost per day to heat an Australian household is more than halved by using a reverse cycle air conditioning compared to a gas heater. And if you have solar panels, during the day you can power your heating with the energy you generate.

The Figtree Hill all-electric community will make it easy for residents to reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. It makes sustainable living attainable and affordable.


9 June 2022

Revegetation proposal to recreate native bushland

At Figtree Hill, we’re undertaking extensive conservation work to enhance and improve the unique landscape. This includes a current proposal to revegetate 18 hectares of cleared land along Menangle Creek at the northern end of the Figtree Hill development. The proposal also includes important reconstruction work to modify fencing and make it safer for wildlife to overcome barriers, like the Upper Canal, which currently blocks connectivity.

The proposal follows the expert advice of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer and contributes to the conservation corridor along Menangle Creek and Noorumba Reserve. This part of the site has been significantly degraded due to years of farming, but will be sensitively regenerated to remove weeds, plant trees and create wetlands. The area is adjacent to Campbelltown Council’s Noorumba Reserve and will provide opportunities to provide habitat for a wide range of local fauna.

The development proposal for vegetation regeneration and reconstruction works is currently on Public Exhibition and can be viewed online campbelltown.nsw.gov.au under “What’s on Public Exhibition”. Set on 216-hectares of former grazing paddocks, with pockets of bushland, conservation is an integral part of sustainable living at Figtree Hill. The proposal builds upon conservation work that has already undertaken which protects 22 hectares of remnant bushland and wildlife habitat.



14 April 2022

Council meeting – Figtree Hill development control plan

Future residents at our new Figtree Hill community are set to benefit from new sustainable design initiatives recently approved by Campbelltown City Council. 

As our climate grows hotter, it’s even more important to make our communities more climate-resilient. More trees will be planted throughout Figtree Hill community enriching the natural bushland setting and shade cover to create a cooler community. Lighter coloured roofs across the community will help to reduce urban heat island effects and energy costs for new homes. 

Figtree Hill will be Lendlease’s first all-electric community in New South Wales, enabling it to be run on 100 per cent renewable power. Homeowners will have access to a $10,000* rebate which will assist homeowners to install smart, all-electric services and equipment. The option for an all-electric, sustainable home at Figtree Hill supports Lendlease’s commitment to absolute zero carbon across all operations, including the supply chain, by 2040.

We look forward to building a community that will set a new benchmark for conservation and sustainability in the Macarthur region.  

Our letter to Campbelltown Council City presented at the meeting on 12 April 2022 to support an amendment to our Development Control Plan for the new Figtree Hill community can be found here

*This rebate offer applies to specified Figtree Hill lots and terms and conditions apply.


29 March 2022

What is the story behind the Figtree Hill name?

Our new Figtree Hill community development has been named after one of the site’s most prominent landmarks – an iconic fig tree which sits at the top of One Tree Hill. The magnificent Moreton Bay fig has developed a buttressed trunk freely spreading alongside its broad dense evergreen canopy.

As part of the masterplan, the tree will be featured in the community’s regional park, surrounded by open grassland and native plants. It provides a stunning backdrop to the expansive natural vistas towards the Blue Mountains and Natti National Park.

Moreton Bay figs, ficus macrophylla, are native to the east coast of Australia, and can be found from the Atherton Tableland in Queensland to the Illawarra in New South Wales. They are a magnificent shade tree that can grow up to 40 metres in height and diameter. The leaves have rusty coloured undertones, and the tree produces an abundance of fruit for birds and wildlife during the late summer and autumn months. The species is known to possess healing qualities and has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate.

LLSY13359_Figtree Hill_Lifestyle Photography_Fig Tree Hill_6460 (2).jpg


11 February 2022

Our plan for koala conservation

We support any measures that enhance the protection of koalas. That’s why we’ve already committed to delivering a $35 million conservation plan as part of our new community project in Campbelltown, south-west of Sydney.
Our koala conservation plan meets the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer’s expert advice, and is currently the only fully-funded plan that will deliver new protections and connections for designated koala corridors, and increase the quality and quantity of habitat. 
Our plan has the potential to double the site’s koala carrying capacity by 2050. 
We believe industry can play an important role with government and the community to strike a balance between sustainable urban development and conservation outcomes. 
With a sixty-plus year history in Australia, we always strive to achieve the highest sustainability outcomes. 

For more information on Gilead's Koala Conservation Plan, click here.


3 February 2022

Flicking The Switch To Renewable Energy

We know families want innovative, sustainable, and low-cost energy solutions when building a new home so we are excited to announce that Figtree Hill will be a fully-electric community.

From the very start, all 1700 lots will be delivered fully electric enabling the community to be run on 100 per cent renewable power. Smarter home designs will be encouraged including rooftop solar panels, efficient hot water and air-conditioning systems, smart energy management systems, electric vehicle charge ports, battery packs and induction stove tops.

The balance between sustainability and affordability, and long-term wellbeing are the defining features of this community.

Figtree Hill will be the first all-electric community delivered by Lendlease in NSW, further supporting the company’s commitment to ‘Absolute Zero Carbon’ across all operations, including the supply chain, by 2040.



31 January 2022

What's happening?

Things are starting to look a little different at Figtree Hill. Take a look at our before and after photos of the site. 

Earthworks is progressing on the former paddocks to prepare the site for our first 330 residential lots, local park and community centre. It will also ensure the site is ready for new roads to make getting around the site a little easier. 

Work continues on the bushland rehabilitation process with the planting of new trees at the northern boundary of the community as part of the Noorumba Reserve. Nestled within a bushland setting, Figtree Hill will provide an expansive natural environment for the local community to explore and nurture. 

Register your interest here

                                   Before                                                                                          After
FTH Before and After.jpg

Spot the difference!

Take a step down memory lane to compare the historical images of the Figtree Hill site which has been grazing land since the 1800s. The aerial photographs detail open paddocks, scattered shade trees and pockets of bushland located along the creek lines. Learn more about how we are working to improve native vegetation, wildlife habitat and water quality in the Nepean River catchment as part of our Mount Gilead Koala Conservation Plan (December 2021).

Reference: Historic Aerial Photographs (Eco Logical Australia, 2020)

31012022 43820 PM.jpg

Commencement Ceremony 

On Tuesday 11 January 2022 Lendlease and Western Earthmoving (WEM) held small gathering to mark the commencement of major earthworks at the Figtree Hill site. 

We acknowledge the Dharawal people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Figtree Hill is located and in conjunction with Lendlease’s Elevated Reconciliation Action Plan, the Figtree Hill project is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of community and Country through ongoing collaboration between the local First Nations community and organisations throughout the project.



17 December 2021

Bushland regeneration program 

Meet Jack and Lachlan Wilson, founders of JL Civil Group, an independent family-owned business based in Camden NSW.  Proud of their Aboriginal heritage, the Company is registered with Supply Nation* and working in partnership on the bushland regeneration program at our Figtree Hill community. 

Jack and the team have recently planted 2,000 new plants and vegetation – part of our commitment to enhance, protect and conserve the bush land. Some of the tree species include a Corymbia Maculata, also known as a spotted gum – which is a smooth bark gum tree that grows to be 20-30 metres in height with a 15 metre canopy spread. 

The beauty of this bushland regeneration program is it really allows us to understand how the bush is recovering from impacts of agricultural and farming practices since the early 1880s – so we can improve the environmental and sustainability outcomes of Country. 

Thanks Jack and the team for helping us rehabilitate the bush to improve overall quality and quantity for the local koala population to thrive. 

*Supply Nation brings together the biggest national database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses with the procurement teams of Australia’s leading organisations to help them engage, create relationships and do more business.



6 December 2021

Works have commenced!

Today we started works on our Figtree Hill community.

These works will deliver the first 330 residential lots and a community centre.

In total, 1700 homes will be will be delivered at Figtree Hill, with parks, walking trails, cycle paths, adventure playground and local convenience stores, all just five minutes from Campbelltown’s public transport network, schools, hospital and university.  

Site establishment works have included the removal of paddock trees, in accordance with approved environmental management plans. Soon we’ll start on installing construction fencing, bulk earthworks and roadworks. 

As part of our conservation works, which started in 2016, we’ve already planted 2000 plants that will mature into habitat trees preferred by the local koalas.

The first 330 residential lots will be available for sale in the new year. Register your interest here.

We’ll keep you updated as works progress.

Conservation works at Figtree Hill

1 December 2021

Our plan for conservation

In recognition of the special environment at Gilead, we’re investing in a $35m conservation plan to guide the design, planning, construction, habitation and long-term stewardship of this site. 

Our plan reflects our commitment to delivering sustainable outcomes – hear more from our Senior Development Manager, Mark Anderson.

3 November 2021

Council meeting – Figtree Hill planning proposal

On 2 November, we attended a Campbelltown Council Meeting to submit an amendment to our planning proposal for the new Figtree Hill community. 

The planning proposal amendment seeks to triple the quantity of public open space on site; retain more of the paddock trees and farm dams / ponds through improved location of public open space; and increase environmental protection through inclusion of new land-use zones that better suit the registered bio banks.

The amendment also seeks to improve housing diversity and affordability, by allowing two-story town houses and some local retail convenience; the community remains limited to 1700 homes.  
We’re pleased to announce Council accepted our proposal, and we’re looking forward to starting works shortly.

Our proposal to Council can be found here.  

16 December 2020

Installation of our new Water Stations for our scaled, feathered and furry friends alike

We’ve been busy with partners Conservation Volunteers Australia, installing 15 wildlife watering stations across 36 hectares of land at Mount Gilead in Western Sydney.

These nifty stations will provide clean water for potentially thousands of animals including our scaled, feathered and furry friends alike.

Click here to find out more.