Appin Road and koalas

  • 7 Jul 2023

Appin Road and koalas

Lendlease has committed to installing fauna fencing and koala underpasses at Appin Road to increase protection for the local koala population. The proposed work was placed on public exhibition by Transport for NSW in late 2022. These measures will make it safer for koalas to cross the road, which is currently considered a blackspot for koala strikes, especially in locations between the reserves where the underpasses have proposed to be located.

A report published earlier this year by Biolink revealed that there has been an increasing rate of koala roadkill along Appin Road in recent years, and that the number of animals known to have been killed along this road is likely to represent less than half of the real number. Using publicly available data from BioNet, we’ve counted 28 koala deaths along this stretch of road.

We are waiting on Transport for NSW to make a determination on our roadworks proposal which will be funded and delivered by Lendlease as part of a Voluntary Planning Agreement with the NSW Government. It is a significant infrastructure project covering 5.4km of Appin Road to improve road safety, help protect local koalas and support the delivery of new homes. Work will commence as soon we receive approvals.


Koala Deaths in Campbelltown LGA Image

Koala Deaths in Campbelltown LGA