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Flicking The Switch To Renewable Energy

  • 31 Aug 2022

We know families want innovative, sustainable, and low-cost energy solutions when building a new home so we are excited to announce that Figtree Hill will be a fully-electric community.

From the very start, all 1700 lots will be delivered fully electric enabling the community to be run on 100 per cent renewable power. Smarter home designs will be encouraged including rooftop solar panels, efficient hot water and air-conditioning systems, smart energy management systems, electric vehicle charge ports, battery packs and induction stove tops.

The balance between sustainability and affordability, and long-term wellbeing are the defining features of this community.

Figtree Hill will be the first all-electric community delivered by Lendlease in NSW, further supporting the company’s commitment to ‘Absolute Zero Carbon’ across all operations, including the supply chain, by 2040.