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What is the story behind the Figtree Hill name?

  • 17 May 2022

Our new Figtree Hill community development has been named after one of the site’s most prominent landmarks – an iconic fig tree which sits at the top of One Tree Hill. The magnificent Moreton Bay fig has developed a buttressed trunk freely spreading alongside its broad dense evergreen canopy.

As part of the masterplan, the tree will be featured in the community’s regional park, surrounded by open grassland and native plants. It provides a stunning backdrop to the expansive natural vistas towards the Blue Mountains and Natti National Park.

Moreton Bay figs, ficus macrophylla, are native to the east coast of Australia, and can be found from the Atherton Tableland in Queensland to the Illawarra in New South Wales. They are a magnificent shade tree that can grow up to 40 metres in height and diameter. The leaves have rusty coloured undertones, and the tree produces an abundance of fruit for birds and wildlife during the late summer and autumn months. The species is known to possess healing qualities and has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate.