Lendlease is committed to making Figtree Hill and Gilead leaders in sustainability because we recognise that a community can’t thrive if the world around it doesn’t. That is why Lendlease has embarked on Mission Zero – a commitment to absolute zero carbon emissions by 2040.

We have set the most ambitious and aggressive targets of our industry and see this as an important but necessary step in helping to protect and nurture the spaces we create for people to work, live, and play.

Climate Resilience

As our climate grows hotter, it’s even more important to make our communities more climate-resilient. Trees will be planted throughout the project enriching the natural bushland setting and shade cover to create a cooler community.

Lighter coloured roofs across the community will help to reduce urban heat and energy costs for new homes. Utilising climate conscious materials and water sensitive landscaping and streetscape designs will also cool street temperatures. Playgrounds and parks will feature shading and bubblers to ensure safe playing and respite.


The project will be delivered fully electric enabling the community to be run on 100% renewable power. With Australian homes contributing more than 10% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, going all-electric supports a necessary step in achieving long term carbon emission reductions.


It will also provide an opportunity to combine battery storage technology, electric vehicle charging and digital solutions to help households and communities move to a net zero future.    

Smart home design and low-cost energy solutions are being encouraged to help reduce carbon emissions and living expenses. This includes rooftop solar panels, efficient hot water and air-conditioning systems, smart energy management systems, electric vehicle charge ports, battery packs and induction stove tops.

Bike and pedestrian paths as well as nature walking trails across the community will facilitate active, and low carbon transport and community wellbeing.


The project is located between the Nepean River and Georges River and water continues to flow along the Upper Canal which passes through the site. Lendlease is designing a water-sensitive community that will see better quality water leaving the site and into the surrounding creeks and the Nepean River. 


Best practice urban design measures will help to manage both flows and quality of stormwater generated from the development. Lendlease will continue to work with Council to explore opportunities to collect and re-use stormwater as part of future public buildings and open spaces.
There are several creeks running through the community which will be rehabilitated and regenerated. Biodiversity of these areas will be improved through the installation of detention basins and the creation of wetlands to improve stormwater runoff and minimise flood risks.
In accordance with BASIX all homes will feature rainwater tanks, with residents encouraged to maximise re-use.


The project will reuse resources onsite, for example soil, sandstone rocks and water, during the constructions phases to minimise the environmental impact. We are working closely with our contractors to reduce waste generated during infrastructure works and targeting to reuse or recycle at least 95% of waste generated.