Annual Tax Statement Estimator for the year ended 30 June 2020


This Estimator has been provided to assist you to calculate the taxable components of your 2020 Lendlease Group distributions for the preparation of your 2020 Australian Income Tax Return. This Estimator should be read together with the Lendlease Group Tax Return Guide 2020. A copy of the Lendlease Group Tax Return Guide 2020 is available online in the Taxation section of the Lendlease Group Investor Centre web page.



The calculations in this Estimator assume that:

  • You are an individual Australian Tax Resident holding your securities on capital account. This Estimator is not prepared for any other kinds of taxpayer.
  • You have provided to the Lendlease Group your tax file number (TFN), or where relevant Australian Business Number (ABN), and hence Australian resident TFN withholding tax does not apply.
  • You do not have any capital losses. The net capital gains tax amount in this Estimator is calculated on this basis.



This Estimator should not be read, or be relied upon, as giving taxation or financial product advice or used for the purposes of completing your Tax Return or making a decision in relation to any financial product. Investors should consult with their professional and financial services advisors on all tax and financial product related issues and before making any financial decisions.

The outputs of this Estimator will be calculated based on the input you provide and are estimates only. The outputs of this Estimator may differ from your Annual Tax Statement for the relevant tax year due to rounding. They should not be used or relied upon to complete your Tax Return and the Lendlease Group specifically disclaims any and all liability for use of the Estimator for this purpose. Please use your Annual Tax Statement to complete your Tax Return for the relevant tax year and consult your tax advisor.