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Lendlease ESG Databook

The Lendlease ESG Databook provides an aggregated view of environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts and performance by region and business line as at the end of the financial year. The Databook consolidates our ESG data in one easy to navigate place, with an aim to provide clear and transparent reporting on the important sub-categories of ESG and the way in which we manage them at Lendlease. 

Environmental topics include carbon emissions; energy; electricity; fuels & gas; water; waste; and our cumulative TCFD (Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure) reporting. Social topics include health & safety; social value opportunities; diversity, equity & inclusion; employee engagement and talent management. Governance topics include board diversity and executive pay. 

Summary tabs for the E, S & G categories have been incorporated to provide quick links to related public policies, datasets and identification of which Board Committees have governance oversight of the various agendas. Refer to the Basis of Preparations for specific determinations on environmental operational boundaries for each year disclosed in the ESG Databook.

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