Start building your community today

A sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation, health, and happiness (Source: Psychology Today). That’s why we encourage our residents to meet their neighbours and connect with the community. Our dedicated Community Engagement team have found that some of the most straight forward ideas can help residents settle into their new environment, faster. 

Whether you’ve been living in your apartment for a day, a week or even a year, it’s never too late to start – try these tips today and start building your community:

1. Investigate whether your apartment building has a communal space which can be used by the residents and start a playgroup, food co-op or book club.

2. Attend events and activities in your area – keep your eye on websites like Broadsheet, Concrete Playground or Timeout to see what’s on around you.

3. Connect with your Strata Committee or Building Manager to start up a Networking Group. It’s a great way to get conversations flowing and share key information. 

4. Join a fitness class close by. Check out Live Life Get Active to see if they offer any free fitness sessions in your area.

5. Explore the many Facebook groups that are specific to your area and join any that appeal to your interests.

6. Visit the same local retailers regularly for your day-to-day necessities and start to know them on a first name basis.

7. Ask around to find people who are interested in the same hobbies as you by pinning a notice up on the noticeboard to capture their attention.

8. Team up with a neighbour to start a dog sit program.

9. Share things you don’t often use with your neighbours and broader community - visit Open Shed for more information on how this works.

10. Hold a barbeque or dinner party and invite people who live close by. You can take it in turns with who hosts it next.