Seven ways to get active outside of the gym

City living offers a vibrant and full lifestyle, so it’s not always easy to fit in a strict gym regime in between the many activities on offer. There are plenty of gym-free workout ideas to choose from, so mix it up and keep things interesting. We’ve listed our top eight below – give them a try!


Go for a walk / jog / cycle

Grab a neighbour, friend or relative of a similar fitness level to you and find a time that works for you both to get out and explore the parks and walkways around your area. Make it the same day every week to get into a routine. 

Join a team

There’s plenty of team-based activities that you can sign up for - both indoor and outdoor, including netball, basketball, cricket, soccer and lots more. Find a sport that suits you and sign up to a team close to where you live. It’s a great way of meeting people in your neighbourhood.

Create your own boot camp 

This is a fun way to get fit, FAST! Get a small group of friends together and use the varied amenity around the city as your gym equipment like park benches, steps, parks, walking tracks, walls and fences can all be used – think of them as your ‘urban gym’! Some parks also have permanent gym equipment which is always a bonus!

Get outdoors with your pet

Having a pet is the perfect excuse to get out of the house and expel some energy. Walking, throwing the ball, playing Frisbee or simply having a wrestle with your furry friend are all great ways to get the heart pumping. 

Make use of public facilities

Community recreation centres and public courts are perfect for a variety of activities including swimming, squash, volleyball, tennis, basketball and more. Mix it up each week to learn new skills.

Get involved in a charity event

There’s rarely a weekend in the social events calendar that’s not filled with a charity walk, run, marathon or obstacle course. Join the masses and get active for a cause.

Free fitness clubs and groups

Go online and see if there’s a Parkrun group or a Live Life Get Active set up in your area. These are fantastic community-run fitness groups that are super effective and FREE!