1. Think of your balcony as an extension of your interior
    Space is always at a premium when you live in the city, so just like the interior of your apartment, you ideally want to maximise space on your balcony. If you have a large outdoor space, add furniture to create an outdoor entertaining space. If you're tight on space, swap the outdoor dining set for a coffee table instead. 
  2. Grow up and grow down
    When you're tight on floor space, vertical or hanging plants are a really great way to add greenery without sacrificing on space. You can purchase pre-planted mountable hanging gardens, make vertical gardens out of plumbing pipe or create a plant shelf out of recycled palettes. 
  3. Choose plants that will thrive in the environment 
    The higher up your balcony is, the windier it is likely to be. To set yourself up for success, choose plants that can withstand high winds like grasses or bamboo. It's also important to consider how much direct sunlight your gets throughout the day and choose plants accordingly. 
  4. Keep it low maintenance
    One of the best things about apartment living is not having to spend your weekends maintaining your property. Choose low maintenance plants to ensure you spend more time enjoying your balcony garden rather than working on it. 
  5. Create an edible garden 
    Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself. Choose hardy aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender and thyme for a fool-proof herb patch.