Integrated Dining
The dining table is no longer a separate entity, but rather an extension of the kitchen bench, eliminating traditional designated functional zones and encouraging social interaction whilst cooking
Reduce and hide mess and clutter. Snaidero, a Lendlease alliance partner, has unveiled the ‘LINK Kitchen’ in which appliances, sinks, tools and food items seamlessly disappear.
Monolithic design
One material is used for benchtops, cupboards, sinks and draws to give the illusion that the kitchen
is one seamless piece.  To make this possible, new ceramic screen sheets or metal laminates are used to clad all faces, giving the impression of solid artisan craftsmanship.
Change your home, change your style, change your mood. Bosch’s ‘Vario Style’ interchangeable appliance surfaces allow you to customise or refresh your interior scheme to suit latest trends. For the ultimate customisable appliances look no further than SMEGs Dolce and Gabbana series.
Trending Hues and Tones
Primary hues of yellow, green and blue were exhibited by the design studios of B+B Italia and Cassina. Deep emerald green remains popular for soft furnishings; creating a sense of calm, nature and wellbeing. Charcoals, blacks and natural oak stand the test of time for furniture and accessories.