Try these tips to bring some hygge into your home and start taking pleasure in cooler weather.
  1. Get serious about candles
    Denmark uses more candles per capital than any other country. Why you ask? Any Dane will tell you that candles are the most foolproof way of creating instant hygge. Candles are the perfect antidote to harsh electric lights, bringing an intimate warmth to any setting. 
  2. Keep it simple
    Danish design is not known for loud prints or colour schemes, rather, Danes like to create calm and peaceful living spaces. Their interior spaces are usually defined by a neutral base and a subtle and balanced mix of tonal shades. 
  3. Add texture
    Now that you've got a beautifully simple base of neutrals, it's time to add some texture. Use natural materials like wood, wool and leather to create warmth, while still keeping things simple and cohesive. 
  4. Get comfy
    Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere by decorating with soft blankets and lots of pillows. Bonus points if you can find a cosy reading nook, like a window seat, to layer with blanket and pillows. 
  5. Gather your loved ones, grab a warm drink and admire your hygge home.
    It's that simple!