Tips of the trade for apartment design

John Taylor

John Taylor
Head of our in-house design team gives us 10 hot tips for considered interior design.

More and more Australians are choosing apartment living instead of traditional housing for the practicality and convenience of the urban lifestyle. The close proximity to work opportunities, transport hubs and cultural amenities are seeing city-living offering more and more quality of life. However, the transition to an apartment can sometimes be challenging - how do you take your existing furniture and pieces, and style them to exude apartment elegance?

John Taylor, head of our in-house design team, believes considered interior designs with utilitarian aesthetics is the key! He says “it’s all about clever, flexible and timeless designs that give people the freedom to ‘declutter’ their lives.”

Here are John’s top 10 tips for considered interior design:

1. Show off your personality

Light colours are great for making a smaller space appear bigger. But don’t turn your apartment into a beige blunder, show off some personality! Pick a handful of timeless statement pieces you already own to show off in your new pad.

2. Distract the eye

Artwork does a great job at distracting the eye away from things. For example, putting a piece of artwork at the end of a narrow room provides a focal point that distracts the eye from the narrowness of the space. 

3. Grow your space

Hanging a large mirror instantly makes a small room feel bigger and brighter. Position it across from a window for maximum light-boosting power and any opportunity to reflect the view is an added bonus.

4. Adaptability and flexibility is key

Find a way of making more uses with fewer items. Look at your belongings from a functionality perspective, can they double up for two or more purposes? It’s all about morphing eating, working and living zones into multifunctional spaces. 

5. Embrace the new

New homes bring new beginnings so declutter, destress and simplify. Start fresh with a completely new style, but be tough with the culling. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or doesn’t have strong sentimental value, bin it! 

6. Smart storage

Grid shelving can be stylish and functional. Consider using a set of cubby-like shelves to display all of your travel trinkets in an orderly fashion. Not only will this create space to display them neatly, but it acts as a cool feature for the room. I’m also a big fan of furniture that doubles as storage units, for example, ottomans, sofas and lift beds. They're great for storing blankets and pillows for when friends come to stay!

7. Compact furniture

Choose scaled down timeless furniture for your apartment, leave the bulky bits behind. A backless bench or a few stools are a smart seating choice in a small dining area as they can easily be tucked under the table when not in use.

8. Light it up

Lamps can come in all shapes and sizes and can really dial up the style in a room. Choose them carefully to compliment the unique theme of each room.

9. Open up the space

Low height furniture will increase the sense of space and improve flow and connectivity throughout your home.

10. Go green

Not only do plants look amazing, and bring life to the space, they release the oxygen that we breathe and have been found to have substantial benefits to our overall wellbeing.